Monday, November 14, 2005

Central & South America

One of my friends Sage just returned from a trip to Honduras in Central America a little over a week ago. I did not link to any particular post on his blog because he has several great posts starting 10-30-05. I encourage all that may be interested in reading about his adventures and viewing the great photos he took to flip over and visit.

Sage mentioned playing with the local children as his doctor friends help the villagers, so he inspired me to post a picture of me doing the same with children in Venezuela playing soccer in the late 90’s on a small island called Los Roques off the coast of Caracas. It is a good thing I went then, because now with President Hugo Chavez I have no interest in ever going back there again. I do have a local friend that bought a condo there last year off Margarita Island and loves living there and with his sailboat, really glad now I did not take him up on his invitation for a long visit. In my opinion, we should do away with Hugo and my thoughts are he is only going to be a bigger threat in the future to our security than he is already.
P.S. I was there on a fishing excursion catching Bonefish with a flyrod! Also caught a huge Tarpon in the surf.
P.S.S. THREE POSTS in one if I do not have a ton of things to reading and blogging though....have missed it.
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