Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ground Zero Wilma


Thank you to all that have commented with best wishes, your prayers and sincere concern. My family is humbly grateful and appreciative. I have missed everyone and so thrilled to be back online again.

I have to report that we have been unusually good campers without power for a week. We are very fortunate that we have minimum damages aside from the blue tarp on our roof, trees down everywhere, a broken vehicle window and a few other small things our attitude has been upbeat, optimistic and happy to be alive. (smiling) The neighborhood has been awesome; we have shared ice, food, the grill and generators. Thanks to the weather including a nice breeze, it has been tolerable to sleep without our A/C, hurray for that. (smiling)

My daughter and I endured 3-hour lines for fuel a few times only to be turned away with the stations running out, but finally we received a full tank. The traffic is still scary because no street light signals are working and every intersection is considered a 4-way stop with eight plus lanes on each corner. We were told it was going to be on or before November 22 before we were restored with power because, we live close to the beach on the east side; however, we were blessed with an early hook-up. HURRAY again!!

Our residence is in a small community called Deerfield Beach, it sandwiched in between Boca Raton and Pompano Beach, located on the county line with Broward and Palm Beach County. Deerfield Beach is the north city on the Broward county line with two exits from I-95 and seven beach streets. Out of our tri-counties there were 3.4 million 98% out of power, Broward is still only 52% restored. WE ARE SO HAPPY to be getting somewhat back to normalcy. Direct TV showed up hours after the power, I thought to call them the day after the hurricane and be on the schedule. Fantastic timing!! Now as power is slowing being re-stored, we can go get more groceries and hang out in our comfortable home!!! YaY!!

As we watched the fast moving WILMA go through from 8 a.m. that morning to about noon, it was like the Wizard of OZ. All of us including our neighbors gathered in a safe outside covered north area and watched live as the trees and roof tiles flew through the air, what a wild scene. We all ran out during the EYE to cover to the broken windows and remove tree limbs from our vehicles to only hurray back to safety for the backside as it came with 125 mile an hour winds….totally incredible to witness. We have no idea when things will be back to life as we know it here in South Florida, but we are coping well and very thankful for what we do have.
My family and I truly do appreciate each and everyone of you, and I so much appreciate again from your comments and emails. Love to you all!! (smiling)

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