Monday, November 14, 2005

My Son and Bella

I finally took two rolls of film to Walgreen’s for development. Since my scanner is broken, the photo center now puts pictures on CD....easy and amazing-there should be no excuses now! (smiling) Then you can upload the ones you wish to be printed at a very low price. The above picture was taken a couple of years ago of my SON and our big baby Bella.

I guess it is time to get my battery replaced for my Sony digital camera, buy a new scanner and/or purchase another color cartridge for my printer. These days I do not take the pictures I use to however, while in Philly I finished off this film and used another roll with my son's Canon 35 mm. This turned out to be fairly simple and easy so perhaps more to come - one day soon. (smiling) My thoughts forever have been starting a scrapbook(s) with the hundreds of photo's I have in print that are not scanned or on my computer. Well, I keep saying ONE DAY I'll get to it. (smiling) I am the WORST PROCRASTINATOR ever!!
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