Friday, November 11, 2005

Home Invasion

Most all my adult life growing up in south Alabama, on the island of Gulf Shores and a bit north in the more rural areas, the last thing we ever had to worry about was any serious crimes much less someone forcing themselves in our homes during the day. My Mom and two sisters live very close to each other in an upper to middle class part of the county on and close to a main road that is used frequently for locals to escape our only main busy highway that goes south to the Gulf of Mexico/beaches. Baldwin County has very little crime however, over the years the citizens are still shocked if a homicide usually domestic, a robbery, or a rape may occur. These type crimes are rare and far and in between. This area the crime rate is still very low and a very safe place to live and raise a family.

Immediately this type of terror becomes the talk of the town and word passes around quickly. Right now, all are chatting about it and the people are truly scared. So far, these two men have not been comprehended.

This past week so far there has been six (6) home invasions in the middle of the day; two occurred with one a round the corner two houses away from my sister’s home and another a few miles up the road on her street not far at all. (way too close to family) As we say, only a rock throw away! (Southern slang) The perpetrators are targeting also elderly people outside working in their yard then forcing them in their homes by gunpoint then robbing them. Nevertheless, the communities are terrified including my family, relatives and friends. My Mom is located in this same area and is in the yard everyday. I’m also worried enough to where I am wondering if I may need to go there very soon for a couple of weeks.

I remember way too well and it seems not so long ago, most all homes did not have a house key or could not find it if they did and it was routine to leave your car keys in the ignition for easy access. This was and is a very common practice unbelievably. Neighborhoods look out after each other and everyone is friendly and most often your best friends. This disturbing development has truly caused me to worry about my Mom and sister that are alone during the day. Nowadays you can sure tell that even in small town America is not safe from crime and the increase of bad people are moving in rapidly. This is one of the many of reasons for me being distracted from blogging and visiting this week as well. I have been on the phone daily checking on them and getting the updates
along with the local TV website from there. Has anyone ever dealt with this type of invasion or know someone that has?

P.S. We have a houseguest from AL this week and found a hurricane homeless little poodle that we have temporarily adopted until we can track down his owner(s) or find a good home. Also trying to disinfect our home to avoid mold and mildew, fix damages and get back to normal. I hope that life will start allowing me to get back into the computer again and keep up with what all is happening in my dear friends’ lives. Take care and have a great weekend. Hope all of you are well and doing good. Best Wishes.....Bless you all! Thank you again for caring and all your prayers.
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