Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bagels in Question

After sleeping in this morning, to my surprise my darling sweet daughter had ran out got some fresh bagels, coffee (we were low on), half n half (a must for mornings) and a few other things too. She is so sweet like that and extremely thoughtful, actually days she wakes me with a cup of coffee and smile. I absolutely adore her and love her as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky, been telling her that all her life “and more” I say. She gets up, works out with Denise Austin, takes care of the Bella, watches her spiritual shows and then she lays everything out for if I wish for breakfast and the coffee is turned on first thing in case I wake up earlier than usual. God truly blessed me with a wonderful daughter and son! I am extremely thankful, never have I had a problem with them growing up with me being a single Mom.

Lately I have had a new craving that has not faded. I love my onion bagels with cream cheese of course, but now with anchovies (rolled in olive oil w/capers). A Jewish friend of mine, turned me on to this and I just love it. I know a few are going yuck, but I acquired a taste for anchovies several years ago, before then NO WAY. Perhaps dishes I tasted in Italy, gave me a chance to re-think the idea because the food was so delicious. Sometimes I like them toasted with my poached eggs on top! Yummy, but not hungry now just licking my lips from eating.
Hint: On the eggs - a shot of vinegar in the water keeps it together while boiling - when buying roll your hand across the dozen if they roll easily-they are fresh.

Years ago, it was a Sunday ritual – bagels, cream cheese, loxes, and red onions with Bloody Mary’s listening to Jazz as our brunch, then the day followed with going out on the boat or watching football.

So today, I thought about researching the history of bagels and was astonished at what I found. The following links are definitely worth the click if you enjoy them too or interested in more info. I'm inserting them here because I am too lazy to take excerpts from the sites, but truly, it is much more informative than me doing so anyway.

  • Click for encyclopedia on Bagels – so very interesting

  • Click for Bagel History

  • Click for Bagel Trivia

  • Click for Bagel Recipes and Tips – cool site

  • According to the Webster dictionary a bagel is "a hard bread roll made of yeast dough twisted into a small doughnut like shape, cooked in simmering water, then baked."
    The bagel is the only bread product that is boiled before it is baked.

    So my questions are: Do you eat bagels, if so how do you like them i.e. plain, onion, whole-wheat with seeds - poppy, sesame seed, caraway etc. Fresh, Frozen, toasted, etc. If your answer is yes, how do you eat them? - with nothing, cream cheese, butter, marmalade, hummus, etc. Toppings? Loxes, eggs, cheese, tomato, black olives, etc. Or do you lean towards the sweet side? Cinnamon-raisin, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate chip (humm - 1st I heard of the last one) with peanut better or prepared like a pizza? If you have more to add would love to hear that too or any recipes. Looking so forward to your answers and/or comments! (smiling)
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