Saturday, November 03, 2007

Auburn Fan Speaks on SEC Showdown: LSU vs Alabama

Even though I am a devoted, die-hard Auburn fan and native of Alabama, I will be rooting for LSU today in the match-up between the Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers. It is normally traditional to pull for any team playing our rival through-out the college football season, but this year, it is a deeper divide over dislikes for their coach Nick Saban. I am not alone with this feeling, actually most of Florida feel the same way after his "leaving in the middle of the night exit" from the Miami Dolphins and South Florida. His opinion rating here is below nada and good riddance.

Louisiana fans have not forgotten either, how he abandon the LSU Tigers several years ago for a lucrative salary with the Dolphins. After he was not worshipped like a Savior in Miami nor treated like a A-list celebrity, he took off once again for more money and idol status for a state, who would kiss the ground he walked on if he would get Alabama back in ranking status. Well, so far this year, 2000 and Saban, has roused up the fans to believe they are better than they are and confidence restored that the Iron Bowl will change the Tide for the future. That is the game that counts the most to any fan that lives in Alabama.

My predictions may be wrong to assume, but I do not see Alabama whipping up on LSU nor lucking out, as they have this year, with so many teams at the last second, by a fluke. With watching all their games, that have been televised, the Tide has narrowly escaped one loss after another. As an Auburn fan speaking here, Go Tigers!!

This evening we shall see, after two teams have had a bye week off to get ready, who really is the toughest between the two. In my opinion, Auburn has proven to be the best in the SEC, even though Auburn lost in the last seconds of the game by a crazy throw, down to the end zone for a long shot catch, that determined the LSU victory and Auburn defeating the Florida Gators in the Swamp. With the Crimson Tide's weak schedule this year, it is misleading on how good they really think they are. Guessing today, we will see if the improvements made during this season so far and overlooked mishaps, will put them in the lead of the West.

Today, Auburn will be playing Tenn Tech for their Homecoming Game and next Georgia, before the match-up of the year against Alabama for the year long bragging rights of the Iron Bowl. WAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Eagle!!

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