Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hillary Fired Off Letter to Bush on Iran

Desperately worrying about losing supporters, Hillary Clinton, democrat presidential hopeful fires off a letter to Pres. Bush on Iran.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sen. Hillary Clinton signed a letter to President George W. Bush on Thursday warning he has no authority from Congress for an attack on Iran, setting off a new round of fighting with Democratic presidential rival Barack Obama.

Clinton, battered in a debate earlier this week for backing a resolution labeling an Iranian military unit a terrorist group, joined 29 other senators in signing a letter expressing concern about "provocative statements and actions" toward Iran by the Bush administration.

Democratic presidential rival Chris Dodd of Connecticut
signed the letter, but rivals Obama of Illinois and Joseph Biden of Delaware did not.

Obama instead introduced a binding Senate measure nullifying the earlier resolution. His campaign accused Clinton of using the letter to adjust her stance on Iran.

"While she's trying her best to change her position on yet another critical issue facing our country, Senator Obama knows that it takes legislation, not letters, to undo the vote that she cast," Obama spokesman Bill Burton said. Read More
Not one of these candidates get it, on the danger, Iran poses to the U.S. and Israel. The public is getting a stronger stance on this issue. This is serious business with Iran and the majority of voters know it.
Sen. Jim Webb, a Virginia Democrat and former secretary of the U.S. Navy, drafted the letter and signed it, then gathered the signatures of 28 other Democrats and one independent.
Even though, these Dems go back and forth on Iran, but what will catch up to them overall is their stance on illegals. As more and more find out about how Dems pander to the Hispanic vote and how they sign on to amnesty every chance they get on Capital Hill, this will be the downfall of the Liberals. Keep on supporting the illegal aliens, Libs. Sensible minded Americans are smarter that Democrats give them credit for.

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