Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Video: Hillary Clinton Flopping All Over Issue of Illegals at Debate

You tell me, is Hillary Clinton for illegal aliens having driver's licenses or not? Tonight at the Democratic debate in PA hosted by MSNBC, Hillary slipped up and had a 'what she believes but then - what do people want to hear' moment. She flips and flops all over the place and then blames Pres. Bush. Just the sound of her voice, drives me up a wall along with her talking out both sides of her mouth. It should be a clue to voters when Democrats vote on each bill for illegals concerning some form of amnesty constantly. Does the recent bill the Dream Act ring a bell?

OH, goodness this may be what sinks the boat on the Democrats; illegal immigration. Many of us know already about the support for illegals given by the Dems, but now others know too and more will hear about it soon. Definitely read the post here and the comments.

Credit for video and links go to Hotair. Earlier today also posted at Hotair by Bryan, Poll: Majority opposes Dream Act. A Rasmussen Report survey reveals the majority of Americans do not support benefits for illegal aliens, on both sides, Republican and Democrats citizens. It seems the majority party and their leaders just don't get it, how about that Reid and Pelosi?

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*Updated* Check out: NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times,
Capt Quarters, Michelle Malkin, Memeorandum, Flap's Blog,

*Updated* Flap reminds us with a picture of the driver license issued to Mohammed Atta! Great Point!

*Updated* OH, Poor Hillary, perhaps she needs to man-up! - Breitbart: Clinton Video Says Rivals Piling On and on Hillary's site.
Oct 30 Democratic Debate Transcript
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