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Context Behind Mrs Bush and The Head Scarf

If I had not been reading daily Greta's Blog at Gretawire, I would probably be critical myself of our First Lady, Mrs. Laura Bush wearing a head scarf. (it was not worn in public) A picture was taken in a private home, after it being presented to her as a gift from women suffering from breast cancer. To my knowledge, that was the only time the scarf was worn.

It certainly was an issue and different when Nancy Pelosi wore a head scarf in Syria, not one of our allies on the war on terror, that is for sure and it was in public. By being informed on a day to day basis through the blog, Mrs. Bush has been on a non-stop tour since leaving Washington i.e. educating women on Breast Cancer, speaking at numerous engagements involving women, visiting sick children with cancer, overseeing new Breast Cancer centers, and raising the spirits of our troops in Kuwait.

Out of all the photos, even in Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Kuwait, UAE, she is not pictured with the head scarf except at a private home of cancer survivors. Pictured here and below an excerpt from Greta's blog.
Today Mrs. Bush met with some women in Jeddah who are cancer survivors. They loved her! You could tell the women thought she was easy to speak to since they immediately opened up to her about their personal troubles and triumphs. They said many things to her — one comment one woman made was that Mrs. Bush is humble (a comment that was a complement in case any doubt.) At the end of the meeting they presented her with a gift…a headscarf..and I caught it on camera:
I can't think of the last time I enjoyed so much reading and keeping up with Greta Van Susteren as she traveled for Fox News with others including Robin Roberts from ABC's Good Morning America, breast cancer patient herself, and others as they accompanied Mrs. Bush to all these Middle Eastern countries.

Mrs. Bush is a class act, totally genuine, and I truly believe she cares about Breast Cancer and helping women and children that are suffering with cancer and are survivors. According to Greta, Mrs. Bush never slowed down to whole trip. And it is obvious by the photos, she is not wearing a head scarf while meeting diplomats.

Starting on Oct 20th, you can click here and go through each page of her diary that include videos, photos, and blog entries. It definitely has been enjoyable reading about Greta's travels with the First Lady, her staff, Secret Service, State Dept. and others on Air Force plane, 757 government plane that left from Andrews Air Force base.
Read about -

First stop - Monday in UAE (pic-arrival), (pic - Emirates Palace Hotel) Dubai (hospital)
First Lady and Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein (video) Breast Cancer Awareness event. Chamber of Commerce
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia- Abdullatif Cancer Screening Center (video - man views on Mrs. Bush)
US - Saudi Arabia Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

Women in Saudi Arabia have difficulties when confronted with such a disease or being examined. They are not allowed to drive there and they have to get permission from their husbands for treatment. In some cases, it is tricky because there are men that are doctors. When it comes to getting chemo, they are met with so many challenges and overall most are forbidden.

Mrs. Bush visits the staff at the American Embassy in Riyadh.
Arrival in Jeddah meeting the King.
First Lady inside the Palace of H H Amir (oh no head scarf)
King Hussein Medical Center in Jordan (speech by Mrs. Bush)

In Kuwait - A Scholarship Program
The scholarship program is for 14 to 18 year old students in significant Muslim populated countries..and the scholarship is to give students opportunity to study English and get an appreciation of democratic government etc. Since it started in 04 more than 32 thousand have been enrolled in the program

Kuwait women watched a documentary with the First Lady about women seeking a voice in government. In 2005, women got the right to vote.

Mrs. Bush meets with Children in Amman, Jordan who have cancer. Very touching photos!
Military Base in Kuwait - Visiting the TROOPS - photos - here, here, and here.
An awesome little video clip of Laura Bush speaking with the troops.
Also by helicopters a visit to Petra, several great photos on her blog. Mrs. Bush with a Cap on!!

There are approx 13 or 14 pages of pictures, blog entries, inside info, just a lot of great stuff. Go over and read through....I am sure you will find it as fascinating as I did.

Unfortunately many left wing blogs and right wing writers had not scooped up this inside info on the scarf, hopefully the bashing of Mrs. Bush will stop now....Let us hope so. I truly feel it was a one picture deal of her trying on the gift given by women with breast cancer in a private home.

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