Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hillary Uncensored and Exposed Plays at Universities

Starting last night at Havard University, the scathing documentary of "Hillary Uncensored" played for audiences and will continue throughout the weekend and wrap on Tuesday in New York at the Metropolitan Club. Fox News website received comments from both the Clinton campaign and Douglas Cogan, producer and researcher for the film.
Fox News: Hillary Clinton Accuser Claims New Evidence of Fraud in Documentary
WASHINGTON — One gift that Hillary Clinton is unlikely to enjoy on her 60th birthday Friday is the premiere of "Hillary Uncensored," a scathing documentary whose 13-minute trailer has been No. 1 on Google Video since Oct. 10, with more than 1.1 million views to date.
More and more questions about Presidential hopeful Democrat Hillary Clinton about her campaign finances and fund raising questionable practices. Wow, this women needs to be behind bars you would think, but instead the majority of the liberal media ignores these allegations and no one seems to be making a fuss about all the looming shady campaign deals that have trickled in the news from week to week. Are we expected to forget about Norman Hu, then Chinese dishwashers, and others on the list of mysterious contributors that seem endless? Obviously so, nonetheless, I truly do not believe American citizens are all so absent minded as the media must think.

Personally, I hope this story continues to get traction. Unfortunately in a situation where the MSM endorces Hillary and Democratic party heavily, chances are this will be another story swept under the rug, with no or very little air or print coverage as with the others. The Clinton Machine of Cover-ups seem to intimidate the rest, so there you have it.

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