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Wexler (D-FL): Survey - Fund War or SCHIP

Read this Weazel Wexler, Liberal Florida Congressman.

From the desk of Liberal Democrat Congressman Robert Wexler, representing the 19th District of Florida, emails Floridians, including myself, to rally support and test the waters for the misguided, elaborate expansion of SCHIP that Democrats wish to pass that covers more than just poor children. By reading his twisted email, for ones that are not knowledgeable of this bill, is misled. Not only does it leave out key details, but it puts SCHIP in the same category with funding our troops in his insulting survey. Slimy to say the least!!

The Liberal elites are still believing that the majority voted democratic in 2006 because voters wanted to end the war. I disagree with that, but whatever. So as a result, by using the war vs. children's health care in a survey, it would be hopeful to produce justifying results on two extremely important issues. Example: killing two birds with one stone, on feeling the pulses of their constituents.

Not only did Sen. Wexler leave out of his email that the SCHIP proposal put together this time, after the last one vetoed by the President, covers more than just poor children, but it is worse than the last bill offered. Throw in coverage of adults, illegal aliens, incomes three times the poverty level and the encouragement of smoking to pay for it. The bill has lost it's main focus, poor children and legalized children only. Republicans and the White House want to expand the program and they are willing to negoitate, but democrats won't hear of it, it is their way or no way. The Dems even tried pulling a fast one last week hoping to vote to override the veto, while Republicans were in CA helping their citizens during the fires. They still failed on enough votes.

The bill is featured with Democrats as a "do or die bill", they are so desperate to show an ounce of power on Capital Hill that they are going to extremes and not compromising with Republicans or the White House. Liberal politicians are so blinded among their own circles, that they are forgeting the American people are closely watching them and their rating in the polls are in the tank. How stupid is it to couple children's healthcare with supporting our troops in war? I think it is a low blow and they should be called on it with a huge backlash. Below an email from Weazel Wexler.

When the President vetoed the bipartisan State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), I promised to keep fighting to make health care a reality for those 600,000 children in Florida and 10 million across the country. Unfortunately, Congress was unable to override that veto.

However, last week the bipartisan coalition behind SCHIP passed new legislation. This bill still covers 10 million kids while enacting stronger provisions that prevent illegal immigrations from obtaining benefits and ensure that SCHIP only benefits families that cannot afford private plans.

These changes enhance the original purpose of SCHIP – to provide health coverage for kids whose families work hard but simply cannot afford health care. The new bill has been sent to the Senate and will shortly arrive once again on President Bush’s desk.

The White House has said that this bill is too expensive. I disagree. It costs less than $3.50 a day to cover a child through SCHIP, and prevents taxpayers from footing the bill when these kids end up seeking the most expensive care out there – in emergency rooms.

Just this week the President announced plans to ask Congress for an additional $46 billion for the war in Iraq, a war that has already cost Americans almost a half a trillion dollars. Every single day in Iraq we spend $330 million. That means that we could provide 10 million low-income children across the country, with health insurance for a year, with less than the cost of 40 days in Iraq.

I’m writing you today to ask you what your priorities would be in Congress. Please take the time to fill out the survey on the right so that I can better represent you in Congress.

With warm regards,
Congressman Robert Wexler
The four optional choices in the survey consisted of:

1. Congress should provide health care funding for 10 million kids instead of the war in Iraq.
2. Congress should not provide funding for the health care bill, and continue funding the Iraq war.
3. Congress should fund both the children's health care plan and the war in Iraq.
4. Congress should not fund the children's health care bill or the war in Iraq.

These are two separate issues, democrats have no shame. I would say it is a safe bet that this same form letter is being sent out by other Liberals in their districts.

Tomorrow, on Friday another showdown on SCHIP at Capital Hill.

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**UPDATED** Thanks Michelle Malkin for including Assorted Babble and this link in your new post. The Democrat way: Holding war funding hostage to the S-CHIP expansion

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