Friday, November 02, 2007

Illegal Aliens: Easy Voter Registration from Federal Programs?

With the uproar about N.Y. Drivers Licenses and the opportunity offered for voter registration at the same time to illegals aliens, the biggest scandal of all is being ignored, or perhaps by no one investigating it and bringing light to illegals signing up to vote through easier means government programs-Federal Entitlements. This covers the whole country and not just New York.

Illegal aliens can check a box on the same form (yes and no) while applying for FEDERAL/Government programs, they can apply for registering to vote. One shop Sign-up!! Programs such as SCHIP, SSI, Cash Assistance, Food Stamps, Medicaid, etc.

Through easy research the application with the Florida Department of Children and Families that covers the above programs and additional ones setup for persons without a SSN and a SSN is not required include Emergency Medicaid, Refugee Cash Assistance, or Refugee Medical Assistance. The standard forms used for everyone applying for one or all, allows ones to check yes or no to apply for voters registration while filling it out.
Check YES if you would like to apply to register to vote or update your voter registration information. If you check the NO box or do not check a box, you will be considered to have decided not to apply to register to vote or update your voter registration. Checking YES, NO, or leaving this question blank will not affect your receipt of benefits.
If you notice, there is no mention of restrictions to legal or illegal status for applying. This is a privilege of both having a Drivers Licenses and a Voter's Registration card for legal American citizens, there are even laws against criminally convicted felons from having the opportunity to vote. This is a huge crack in our government for allowing illegals the chance to register to vote and an advantage for Democrats who woos the illegal alien voting bloc. Perhaps this is a missing link to understanding why Dems continuously vote on amnesty ever chance they get.

Just how many illegal aliens are registered to vote in our country at this time? I bet the numbers would be staggering if calculated. Hopefully some journalist(s) will investigate this further in the very near future. Hillary Clinton knew what she was doing when she took a stance on supporting N.Y. Governor on giving illegals drivers license because they can register to vote at the same time. Maybe the Dems think there are more illegals registered to vote added in with the Hispanic vote than citizens opposing amnesty for illegal aliens. Hummmm.....

Another Resource: U.S. Dept of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Voting Section
Sec. 1973gg-5 Voter registration agencies
(A) all offices in the State that provide public assistance; and

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