Saturday, December 30, 2006

You Must Read "Celebrating Justice" by Iraq the Model

I haven't been on the computer much today, but it seems Saddam's departure from this world is where my search for more news has been directed. Perhaps it is like...seeing a devil, that he was, taken out of this world. Dead... over and gone!! Saddam was as if Satan had personally spit him out of his own mouth, that is how evil this man was. Last night, while waiting for the breaking news of Saddam's execution, I wrote a post about how I felt there would be celebrations and meant to add that a spike in violence was most likely not to occur. Most importantly, my feeling were that I had hoped and still do that Iraqis will thank our brave troops and President Bush for freeing them from this evil dictator. Also, while updating yesterday, I wrote about the victims and their families....For us that have lived in freedom our entire life have no idea what it is like to be terrified daily living under a dictatorship. We have so much to be thankful for and do not forget how blessed we are to live in freedom. God Bless America!!

So tonight, when I brought up my screen to Memeorandum, immediately I noticed Iraq the Model had posted again......Celebrating Justice.... it is definitely a MUST READ. Please check it out, you will be touched as I was.....that.. I am sure. Below is an excerpt from the posting:
Saddam drew his path to hell long time ago…he chose this fate the day he chose cruelty and oppression as a way to deal with his people. He built his reign with blood and terror and vowed to make death the fate of anyone who dared say no to him.
Saddam lost his humanity the day he committed his first crime, so the one I saw walking to the rope this morning was no man to me.
It was him who rejected humanity to become the monster that the weak feared and prayed to see him dead for years to be safe from his crimes.
Outside Iraq people will divide over his hanging, just like they divided over his life and rule but here in Iraq most of us feel that today justice has been served. Those who mourn him are a few and are still living in the past that has no future in Iraq.
To those who didn’t like justice I say that his death means life to many.Executing the dictator renews the hopes of not only Iraqis but also of other oppressed peoples in the world in having a better future where they enjoy freedom. It's time for other tyrants to learn from this lesson and realize that a similar fate is on the way if they refuse to change.[please read more here]
One more excerpt.....
On this day as we celebrate justice we shall not forget to pray for blessings for the souls of the dictator's victims and we shall not forget to thank our brothers in America and the rest of the coalition nations who helped us and are still helping us in our struggle to build the new free and democratic Iraq.
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