Friday, December 29, 2006

Suddam Hussein 'Swinging from a Rope' Execution

***UPDATED** 12/30/06 Please Scroll to bottom...New Video Tape Released of another angle of Saddam's Execution.

...within the hour. As I earlier reported with updates today with links and others blogging, we are now on the final countdown of minutes. Suddam Hussein will soon be DEAD!! Watching Fox News and expecting that Breaking Alert at any time.

Meanwhile via Detroit Free Press: Area Iraqi-Americans wait for news of execution
Excerpt: Iraqi-Americans across metro Detroit anxiously waited by their television sets Friday night, waiting for news about the execution of Saddam Hussein, a man loathed by many of them.

"Hopefully, this will be the night that's going to be a real holy night," said Imam Husham Al-Husainy, head of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center, in Dearborn. "This will be a gift from God during this holiday season." [read more]

Al Jazeera (English) is gearing up for updates too.

**UPDATE** 5:57 a.m. Baghdad time: Fox News reports that Saddam has arrived at the gallow.
Al Arabiya: Saddam's Execution to Take Place Any Minute Not confirmed yet but Al Arabiya is reporting that Saddam is DEAD!! (via Fox News)
ARAB Media: Saddam Executed for Crimes Against Humanity

Video and Still pictures were taken is being reported. Hopefully soon, we will have some footage of the execution.
Check out my views on Iraqi celebrations and hopefully them thanking our brave soldiers and President Bush.
Will link to more info as the execution unfolds from Iraq.

On Fox News, it has been reported that Iraqis are celebrating in Sadr City. Hurray!!
Via Reuters: Saddam Hussein hanged, says Al Hurra TV station

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S.-backed Iraqi television station Al Hurra said Saddam Hussein had been executed by hanging shortly before 6 a.m. (0300 GMT) on Saturday.
More to come......
Via Drudge....Bush: Saddam execution 'important milestone'...
The AP's take on Suddam's execution
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Saddam Hussein, the shotgun-waving dictator who ruled Iraq with a remorseless brutality for a quarter-century and was driven from power by a U.S.-led war that left his country in shambles, was taken to the gallows and executed Saturday, Iraqi state-run television reported.

Via Fox News: Saddam Hussein Executed by Hanging in Iraq

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12/30/06 UPDATE: New Video released from Al-Jazeera via Fox here. Footage released shows Saddam's final moments from a different angle. Hussein steps into the gallows and says his last words as the noose is placed around his neck. Hot Air has the UnCut Version too.

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Excerpt: It may not be reported and/or aired on the MSM, but I feel there will be great celebrations among the Iraqi people thanking our U.S. Troops and President Bush.


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