Friday, December 29, 2006

Butcher of Baghdad in Custody of Iraqis

Saddam Hussein has been handed-over to Iraqi Authories by U.S. troops. The former president of Iraq, the evil dictator, known also as the "Butcher of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein will dangle within hours from a rope. The death sentence has been signed by PM Al-Maliki and this imminent execution should take place within hours. This mass murderers' day has come and Saddam has said he will be smiling, perhaps because he will join his two evil sons very soon.An Iraqi judge said "Saddam to be Executed by Saturday."
"Saddam will be executed today or tomorrow," said Munir Haddad, a judge on the appeals court that upheld Saddam's death sentence. "All the measures have been done."
Haddad is authorized to attend the execution on behalf of the judiciary.
"I am ready to attend and there is no reason for delays," Haddad said.
Hopefully, he prayed for forgiveness to our real God in Jesus' name.

Saddam Hussein Transferred for Swinging on a Rope for justice of the Iraqi people. He was legally tried and found it is time to meet your maker!

*UPDATE* Waiting on confirmation if Saddam is still in U.S. Custody or in Iraqis' hands? U.S. Official says Saddam still in American custody. (1:20 p.m. est) U.S. troops are bracing for perhaps a spike in violence in certain areas.
After conflicting reports, the State Dept: Certain Saddam is still in U.S. Custody. (reported on Fox News)

My thoughts are with the people that have suffered terribly, lost loved ones, have been tortured, scared, terrified for their lives, some for their entire life, women that have been raped, beaten...... these horrible crimes can be listed forever from weapons of mass destruction Saddam used on his own people, the mass graves of all the murdered.........This is justice, in a form of death, this execution of Saddam Hussein and I only hope and pray that all the other evil dictators in the world take note... that this may one day be their destiny.

I feel we did the right thing freeing the Iraqi people from this evil, one of the worst of the worst tyrants and his henchmen. Our prayers should be with all his victims and families that are still alive today that know and have experienced first hand how horrifying life under Saddam's rule was.

**UPDATE**Saddam Hussein Has been TURNED OVER CONFIRMED!! Tick Tock Tick Tock as Beth said!! This execution should happen any time now.......

**UPDATE** It is a DEAD --- END
Via Breitbart: Lawyers Work to Stop Saddam's Execution

**UPDATE** Stay Tuned - A "top Iraqi official" said that Saddam's execution will take place before 6 a.m. For us folks on the east coast that will be anytime between now and 10 p.m. eastern time. Via AP: Official: Saddam to be executed tonight
BAGHDAD, Iraq - The official witnesses to Saddam Hussein's impending execution gathered Friday in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone in final preparation for his hanging, as state television broadcast footage of his regime's atrocities.
Sitting and Waiting here......All the arrangements have been made, witnesses are taking their places and have gathered in the green zone, troops are on high alert, Iraqi officials have dotted their i's and crossed their t' is coming down. Saddam Hussein will be dead come tomorrow, when most Iraqis will be waking up to this news.

*UPDATE* Via Breitbart: (excerpt) State television, which spent Friday evening preparing the public for Saddam's death by playing footage of torture and murder carried out by his forces, said the execution would take place between 5:30 am and 6:00 am.

Via FoxNews: (excerpt) Saddam's chief lawyer said the U.S. had turned over custody of the mass murderer to Iraqi officials, one of the last steps necessary before the execution. An Iraqi parliamentarian, Methal Al Aloser, backed up the lawyer's claims. Al Aloser said not only had Saddam been handed over, but all papers and documents were finalized and the execution will be soon.

Via Breitbart:
The official witnesses to Saddam Hussein's impending execution gathered Friday in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone in final preparation for his hanging, as state television broadcast footage of his regime's atrocities.
With U.S. forces on high alert for a surge in violence, the Iraqi government readied all the necessary documents, including a "red card" _ an execution order introduced during Saddam's dictatorship. As the hour of his death approached, Saddam received two of his half brothers in his cell on Thursday and was said to have given them his personal belongings and a copy of his will.
Najeeb al-Nueimi, a member of Saddam's legal team in Doha, Qatar, said he too requested a final meeting with the deposed Iraqi leader. "His daughter in Amman was crying, she said 'Take me with you,'" al-Nueimi said late Friday. But he said their request was rejected. [read more]
The Execution will be video taped, Fox News undecided if it will be aired on their network.

Gateway Pundit: The Death of a Butcher - Saddam Hussein's Final Hours
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