Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pelosi Attempting to Limit Coverage by C-Span

Obviously, Liberal Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), speaker-to-be of the House, does not want us to see certain things happening in the Congress, she has cited the need to restrict coverage by C-Span to limited camera control.

WASHINGTON — Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi cited the need to preserve the "dignity and decorum" of the House as she rejected a request Friday that C-SPAN operate its own cameras in covering the chamber.
Since 1979, TV coverage of gavel to gavel has been provided by the public service network of the House of Representatives. The Senate has been televised since 1986. C-Span's chairman and chief executive Brian Lamb told Pelosi "from taking individual reaction shots or from panning the chamber, leaving viewers with an incomplete picture of what's happening in the House of Representives" and he added he was "very disappointed" by this decision.

It is disgusting enough to have to watch Harry Reid brag about killing the Patriot Act and voting against English being our national language, however we the people are entitled to see what the heck is going on up there in the Senate and THE HOUSE!! In my opinion, we should also know all their hidden privileges and it should be an open and easy book to find this information.

Mr. Lamb sought permission for C-SPAN to use its own cameras. Second, he asked Mrs. Pelosi to "release individual House votes electronically immediately after voting periods have closed."
One big reason why Mr. Lamb wants to use C-SPAN cameras relates to the fact that congressional technicians now operating the House cameras are "limited to taking static, head-on shots of the representative who's speaking at the podium" during debates. Because congressional cameras cannot pan the chamber during House debates, C-SPAN viewers cannot see the reaction shots of members or the floor-lobbying tactics that are witnessed by anybody watching the debate from the gallery.
No more hiding and corruption.....yea right!! More on this story at The Washington Times.
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