Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Incoming U.S. House Intel Chief Clueless on Terrorists

This is crazy, terrifying and insulting, but most importantly dangerous for our country.... when our own U.S. Representatives have no idea about one Muslim terrorist group from another, not to mention the fact that our soldiers are fighting a war on terror. After being quizzed, upcoming House Intelligence Chief, Rep. Silvestre Reyes is clueless on if Al-Qaeda is Sunni or Shiite? Huh? Reyes is, yet another, one of Nancy Pelosi's incompetent choices for a leadership role come January involving our country's intel. I also feel this is an insult to our military forces that have and is fighting these terrorist everyday to keep us safe as well as this dumbbutt. This just blows my mind!!
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas, who incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tapped to head the Intelligence Committee when the Democrats take over in January, failed a quiz of basic questions about al Qaeda and Hezbollah, two of the key terrorist organizations the intelligence community has focused on since the September 11, 2001 attacks.
When asked by CQ National Security Editor Jeff Stein whether al Qaeda is one or the other of the two major branches of Islam -- Sunni or Shiite -- Reyes answered "they are probably both," then ventured "Predominantly -- probably Shiite."
That is wrong. Al Qaeda was founded by Osama bin Laden as a Sunni organization and views Shiites as heretics.Reyes could also not answer questions put by Stein about Hezbollah, a Shiite group on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations that is based in Southern Lebanon.
CQ National Security Editor Jeff Stein goes on to say.....
he was "amazed" by Reyes' lack of what he considers basic information about two of the major terrorists organizations.
He uses an example about baseball knowing the difference between the two teams, the Yankees and the Red Sox, if you were going to be the baseball commissioner.
Stein admits that Reyes is NOT THE ONLY ONE!!
This is VERY IMPORTANT FOLKS......ACTUALLY CRUCIAL to PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY....that we have a bunch of idiots in Washington not having basic information about who wants to kill us and willing to blow their self up to do it.

Reuters: House intelligence chair calls al Qaeda Shi'ite
Is al Qaeda a Sunni organization, or Shi'ite?

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