Saturday, December 09, 2006

More Uranium Enrichment in Iran

Does it really do any good to keep posting on Iran having a Nukes? What the heck, is anyone awake or listening?....Putin is poisoning people left and right...... Muslims are taking a foot hold in our country..... People are embracing and converting to Islam at an astonishing rate....... Illegals Aliens are getting more rights and it seems to be acceptable by our government.....Looney Leftists have been elected by ones that more than a majority, 82% do not even know who Prime Minister al-Maliki is...much less what these crazy liberals stand for.

Then you have judges releasing sex predators into our society with a slap on the wrist.... A Muslim to possibly replace U.N. Ambassador John Bolton...... South American countries being taken over by dictators and joining up with Russia and Iran....You have the AP (Associated Press) and Reuters fabricating news and photos.....Should I continue?

How long until it is time for the beheading?

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