Saturday, December 09, 2006

Assorted Odds and Ends

I saw that title "Odds and Ends" at Karl's Leaning Straight Up and loved it, so I thought well I'd post some things going on around here and elsewhere.Last night, I'm sore from battling a possum!! Yeah, (laughing) I said possum. This nasty creature keeps returning to my back porch and is level with my head when I step out my sliding door. Not sure the name of this tall exotic tree that is planted, less than a couple of feet (seems like inches) to the left of my exit, but he or she was staring me in the eyes....and this is not the first time either. Not only does it scare the living daylights out of me, but the darn thing most likely has rabies....who the heck knows, I am fighting thru the door with a shove...poking at it and the tree. Meanwhile, Bella (my Rottie) runs out and I get her to come back in, thank goodness....Lord knows what would have happened if Bella would have got a hold of it. She was rearing to go though...and it took all I could do to hold her 100 lb plus body back.

I don't want to go to jail, if I decide to start shooting......, can't set a trap because cats roam around.....animal control just ignores these type I am beside myself this morning....being terrified of our next encounter. I know this disgusting bas*&#d is coming back and/or is hiding in my folige out there. I have been told if it is nesting, he could get very aggressive. Please if you have any ideas, let me know....this is driving me nuts. (I don't want to cut my tree down) Still freaked this morning!!

We are loving our new home, but it is a change from living right near the beach. Now we are west out near The many people have moved out this way because it seems safer and so much nicer here in the Weston/Pembroke Pines area....southwest Broward County near the Maimi/Dade county line. I guess, this is part of it, as mentioned above, about all the wildlife that is in our yards and waterways. Since the move and my emergency surgery, not much has got done around here. As many of you know, I win the award for being the worst procrastinator in the world....still have not hung pictures, put my lights and tree up nor wrapped up my shopping...meaning even buying yet. Terrible me!! (smiling) When my appendixes ruptured and I did not go to the hospital right has been a tough road to hoe....they told me I could have died. Well this long recovery and other problems as a result has been no picnic....but I am finally feeling a little better. Praise God!! I do appreciate all your prayers and thoughtful messages that everyone left and linked with. Oh yeah, sorry I have not returned all the sweet emails that I just recently went through and found in my inbox at yahoo.

Until Bellsouth gets off their butt and installs a new port in our development community, I am back in the stone ages with dial-up...unbelievable huh? If I had not just bought for the second time upgraded equipment for DSL and did not want to lose my decade long + primary email address....I would dump them and go with another company for my fast access. Meanwhile, I am on the list for notification.......with everyone here with computers, this is getting old with the phone line tied up, slow downloads (for visiting blogs too) and only one computer at a time online. Plus...on the sitemeter, I come up as being in CA and sometimes Ft. Lauderdale....not sure what is up with that. I am going to try to be patient and give them a little more time....before I change over or get crazy and throw my computer out of the upstair's window.

Anyway enough about here and my latest happenings....On to other news....(smiling) Hoping everyone is getting excited about Christmas and you are not behind like me....and you are on top of things.

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*UPDATE* I just died laughing when I flipped over after seeing visitors from Memeorandum coming here, thinking perhaps I was linked on someone's site....Lo and Behold..This post was a FEATURED POST....reading:
Assorted Babble:
Assorted Odds and Ends — I saw that title "Odds and Ends" at Karl's Leaning Straight Up and loved it, so I thought well I'd post some things going on around here and elsewhere. Last night, I'm sore from battling a possum!!

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