Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bush: 'Tough Assessment' refers to Iraq Report

The president receives the Iraq Study Group report, pledges to take their recommendations for war policy in Iraq 'very seriously,' though 'we probably won't agree with every proposal' via Fox News.
AP Photo: President Bush meets with Iraq Study Group Co-Chairmen Lee Hamilton, left, and James A. Baker III at the White House.

I must add if recommendations are made to speak with Syria and Iran.....Sen. Joe Lieberman on Face the Nation summed up in a way most anyone can understand.

LIEBERMAN: I believe that America is a mighty enough nation that we should never fear to talk to anyone. But anyone who believes that Iran and Syria really want to help us to succeed in Iraq, I just is missing the reality. Asking Iran and Syria to help us succeed in Iraq is like your local fire department asking a couple of arsonists to help put out the fire. These people are flaming the fire. They are the extremists. They are supporting terrorists in Iraq, in Lebanon and of course in the Palestinian areas.

I haven't read the report, but why even waste time speaking to our enemies when they lie and are determined to kill us?

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