Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flashback: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned

Do you remember back in September 2004 the disfigured Presidential candidate, now President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko? Bad sushi, the state-run media claimed at the time. All clues pointed straight to Russian President Putin.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko a victim of Russian President Putin?

Via Seed Magazine: (published 2/8/06)
Under the radar, in early December, tests came back from three undisclosed labs in Belgium, Britain and Germany, confirming what many scientists already suspected: In September, 2004, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko had been poisoned. His blood samples did indeed contain an abnormally high level of dioxin, 1,000 times the accepted level. One year later, Yushchenko's face—with its strong jaw and movie-star features, perfect politician material—remains badly pockmarked.

This is nothing new for the Kremlin or KGB agents out of Russia......"poisoning"..... Moreover, Russia's KGB has a long history of failed assassination attempts of political figures, stretching as far back as the time of Rasputin, Tsarina Alexsandra's mystic who was nearly poisoned in 1916 by pastries laced with cyanide.

Political figures are not the only targets for elimination/murder, it seems anyone that is a critic of Russia's President Putin can be a victim.

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