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Anna Politkovskaya first Poisoned before Murdered

Below I pasted my previous post dated October 22, 2006 of an Award Winning Russian Journalist, Anna Politkovskaya and her being murdered in Russia. Unfortunately, Anna is one of many, that poison has been the first weapon of choice directly pointing to the Kemlin slash Putin.

As this mystery thickens around the death of Alexander Litvinenko, I have been enthralled with the latest investigation as each day unfolds. Surely Putin's plans were for Litvinenko to die as others have mysteriously..... without the world knowing or suspecting his involvement. With evidence mounting it is becoming more evident that Putin and his thugs are responsible.


This story has been haunting me for about two weeks now, and I have to get it out there. On October 9, 2006, a well-known Russian Journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, 48, was murdered-slained; a mother of two, who reported critically, relentlessly, and fearlessly on everything from the Kemlin's policy in Chechnya to corruption in the military. She was one of the few independent investigative reporters that remain in Russia and now part of the latest string of reporters killed in recent years. Anna was not afraid to name names either.

Yesterday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with Anna's son and top editors of the paper Politkovskaya wrote for called Novaya Gazeta before her meeting with Russian's President. Rice said "the fate of journalists in Russia is a major concern." Very quickly after Anna's slaining, President Bush called Vladimir Putin to encourage a full investigation into Anna's death, and Putin assured there would be. (my thoughts....sure Putin will...meant sarcastically, don't hold your would not be far reaching, that he was not behind it somewhere down the line)

For the ones of you that know my thoughts on Russia, what will follow will be no surprise. For all others, I truly believe that Russia is the key, the mastermind of the world chess board that is happening with nations as I write this. Putin is calling the Iran, China, N. Korea, and the other rogue nations. As I have reported on many times, Putin is resorting back to his KGB days of the old Soviet Union and desires to be the next Super Power of the World. Even written in my Bible, that I believe whole-heartedly, in the latter days and stated in Ezekiel 36-39...Gog and Magog (Moscow) it states all this very clearly.... Moscow - Due north of Jerusalem, The Bear...will lead the evil forces alongside Islam to try to take Israel and attempt to kill the Jews and Christians, but God will step in and show wonders.

Over a year now, I have posted on Putin's suspicious connections to cutting, bombing pipe lines of heating oil to West leaning Countries during the dead of winter, attempting to corrupt voting and possible links to the poisoning of a Presidential candidate. I have always believed Putin had an involvement (behind the scenes) with the school slaying of the children in Beslan. Actually Anna Politkovskaya became seriously ill and hospitalized after a flight from Moscow to southern Russia to cover the school hostage crisis in Beslan and it was believed that someone had tried to poison her. For a long time, Anna had been a target of threats on her life. I guess if poison does not work, you will be gunned down execution style with no investigation to follow if you investigate, expose, and/or critical of the Kemlin and Putin along with his gang of thugs.

Politkovskaya's more recent book, Putin's is blunt of his administration. I look forward to seeking this book to read in the near future. Previously, another book of Anna's called "A Small Corner of Hell: Dispatches From Chechnya" Anna was within hours of releasing a huge corruption story involving Chechyna PM Ramzan Kadyrov.... but her life was taken with four bullets, two to the head and the other two in her chest. She had stated that he had called her "the enemy" and she called him the "Stalin of our Day." Many may say that there are several possible suspects and one could be a Russian policeman, while she was abroad in 2001, she rec'd email threats claiming to be the man whom she said had committed human rights violations.

As sad as this story is about the death of Anna and the freedoms for the press in Russia being almost zip, nada, zero. Being brave and couragous, Anna Politkovskaya stood up to Putin, Moscow, Chechnya Prime Minister, the military to the local corrupted police and she will be missed tremendously. You can read the full articles that I quoted several lines from at the Baltimore Sun and with Condi Rice at the The Washington Post.

10/08/06 Russian journalist killed
Reporter who criticized Putin, Chechen conflict found shot in Moscow
Written by Erika Niedowski in The Baltimore Sun
10/22/06 Moscow Meeting Highlights Concerns on Press Freedom
Written by Glenn Kessler at The Washington Post

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