Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sen. Tim Johnson in Critical Condition after Surgery

Senator Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) underwent emergency surgery last night and now is in critical condition at George Washington University hospital.
Via AP: S.D. Sen. Johnson in critical condition
WASHINGTON - Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson was in critical condition early Thursday, a hospital official said, after late-night brain surgery that followed hospitalization for stroke-like symptoms.
Johnson was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, just weeks after his party gained a one-seat Senate majority in midterm elections, effective Jan. 4, 2007.
Of course, Senator Johnson is in everyone's prayers, he is way too young to experience this unfortunate condition. This morning our First Lady, Laura Bush said "We're praying like I know all the people of South Dakota are for his very, very speedy recovery."
Apart from the risk to his health, Johnson's illness carried political ramifications. Democrats emerged from last month's elections with a 51-49 Senate majority. If he were forced to relinquish his seat, a replacement would be named by South Dakota's GOP Gov. Mike Rounds.
A Republican appointee would create a 50-50 tie, and allow the GOP to retain Senate control.
We will be keeping up with updates on Senator Johnson's condition and praying for the best. Many things can change if Sen. Johnson is forced to resign.
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