Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday O/T and Assorted Headlines

Wow, I have missed posting several top stories in the news the last couple days and it sure has been some crazy things going on.
As always, waiting to the last minute, I've been in the traffic and crowds out shopping. Since it is raining today in south Florida, hopefully this afternoon I can possibly catch up some.....keeping my fingers crossed.

Not OLIVE GARDEN TOO?? Is E.coli the culprit, reports say they don't believe there is a connection. Obviously ones here in south Florida is not bothered by Taco Bell, I noticed near the mall yesterday, were lined up at the drive-thru!!


One thing that has me really riled up is these idiot Liberal Senators, especially "wannabee president" John Kerry visiting and kissing-up to our enemies. I will have more on this to follow. This publicity stunt and getting camera coverage, that is what it is, around a Middle East Tour is way over the top and out of line. Who does he think he is? I doubt the planned visit for our soldiers....was a top priority...he wants a photo-op that is most likely his only reason for Iraq. Kerry makes me Nauseated!!
It is embarrassing enough and totally not helpful for Florida Senator Bill Nelson visiting Syrian President Assad, what was up with that? Add in the mix these Democrat lunatics going from Syria to Iran and even talking with N.Korea, they are, very well, jeopardizing our NATIONAL SECURITY. This just ticks me off.... big time.

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh decides not to run for less Democrat to listen to, that has to be a good thing.

Time is ticking for Fidel Castro, maybe less than a couple time not far off in Miami!! Buddy Chavez spoke with the dictator on the phone but indicated it was about their oil deal.

Judith Regan Terminated....Fired as of immediately. O.J. Simpson's would-be publisher, Judith Regan, was fired Friday, well I'm sure O.J. could care less, he got his money and probably is still laughing. His day will come....that you can go to the bank on!!

So what if the execution of a KILLER is botched, as a all Florida executions are on hold. The issue is about Cruel and Unusual Punishment, too bad these death row inmates did not think of that when it came to their victims. Actually, I think Old Sparky should get fired up, forget the simple little injections!!

Keep Rounding UP the ILLEGALS (CRIMINALS).....For ones that do not know, breaking the law is ILLEGAL and using others identity is too!! Great Job to our officials....please keep up the good work.

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