Friday, December 29, 2006

Convict Wannabee Cindy Arrested Once Again this time in Crawford

Yeah, Cindy Sheehan is getting quite a rap sheet with her arrests adding up. That must not mean much to Sheehan though, because she claims she plans on becoming more "confrontational" and "ramping up" her efforts. Thursday, Cindy and friends (four other protesters) were arrested and charged with blocking President Bush's ranch road. She later bonded out from McLennan County Jail in Waco after being charged with the misdemeanor of obstructing a highway. The five idiots had their sit in and did not budge when repeated requests were made for them to move. The Texas Dept. of Public Safety Lt. R.T. King said "They weren't going unless they were arrested." The troopers had to carry them off the road to a ditch alongside, and used gentler handcuffs than they would normally use for protests.

This stunt was considered a "Peace Surge" to bring attention and hopefully cameras about concerns, that President Bush may send more troops to Iraq. Cindy and demostrators said they had expected to get arrested and placed in jail.
“He’s a serial murderer,” she said, just before being placed in a patrol car with her sister.
When is this mental case ever going away or be put away for good? By the way, this is her first arrest at the Bush ranch, now Sheehan can add Crawford, Tx to her other locations including Washington D.C. for her resume. More on this story at Waco Tribune-Herald.
Earlier this month in New York, Sheehan was convicted of trespassing for leading a protest across the street from the United Nations.
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