Sunday, December 31, 2006

WooHoo My Most Visitors in One Day

Wow, yesterday was a record breaker for me since I started blogging, 2,558 visitors in 24 hours.
On Aug 22, 2006, I thought it was going to be my all time high record and it would be hard to ever beat, and it was just over 1500, more if I added a few days before and after into the numbers around that date. That was about Iran and the significance of August 22 involving Ahmadinejad ramblings. Anyhoo....It was sweet watching the meter....and it is still running full blast, it seems many are searching for more information on this historical event of Saddam leaving this planet FOR GOOD.

Will be UPDATING THIS SOON: I am stunned and shocked that I have doubled the above record and it is not midnight yet. WOW...WEE!! Unfreakin believable!!

*NOTE* : I moved the time stamp up on this post.....from publishing it earlier this morning.

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