Sunday, July 02, 2006

Discovery Will Attempt Again Today for Liftoff

Via AP: CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- For the second day in a row, NASA workers began fueling space shuttle Discovery on Sunday in an attempt to make only the second U.S. spaceflight since the Columbia disaster three years ago.

Electrically-charged clouds forced NASA to call off Saturday's launch of Discovery, delaying by a day the first space shuttle flight in a year. The weather forecast wasn't expected to improve for the launch set for 3:26 p.m. EDT Sunday.

Three years ago, I lived north of where I am here in south Florida for short time and witnessed the last one take off. It was clearly visible in my yard to see it skyrocketing through the skies, absolutely awesome. Unfortunately and heartbreaking, when it was desending, my daughter and I were running in and out of the house to watch it come down along with the news coverage on. As everyone, we were devastated to tears when they lost radio contact and of course we remember that very sad day. We were like everyone else, in total shock and prayed.

On my birthday in 1986 the Space Shuttle: Challenger was delayed many times, but this mission I will forget it either, forever, it was a very sad sad... day for the world. Via NASA -The explosion 73 seconds after liftoff claimed crew and vehicle. The cause of explosion was determined to be an o-ring failure in the right solid rocket booster. Cold weather was determined to be a contributing factor.

*UPDATE* NASA scrubbed Mission until July 4th due to weather.

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