Friday, June 30, 2006

OBL Rambles Again to His Sympathizers

ATTN: OBL Listeners i.e. Lions of Jihad and his supporting base here at the homeland.
After our "Coming Soon" announcement a few days ago of the latest new videotape narrated by Osama bin Laden, it is now available for viewing. It is reported you can watch for free on some internet site, but I'm sure we will all see it on a few local network channels sometime soon.

A quote by OBL: "Our Islamic nation was surprised to find its knight, the lion of jihad (holy war), the man of determination and will, Abu Musab al- Zarqawi, killed in a shameful American raid," bin Laden said. I bet they weren't as surprised as Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was while looking up, in his final moments, at our wonderful brave soldiers that just ended his evil life of killing and giving him a one-way ticket to Satan, oh yeah... to Allah. What a way for Al-Zarqawi to go, I think it is awesome not as much I'm sure as the actual soldiers that were there to witness the dying snake. Wow, I am so proud of our military.

OBL refers to Al-Zarqawi as a lion, what a joke, he was a snake that slithered out of hell and back in there; his days of terror are over. Thanks to our real Lord!!

Breitbart has an article with more details. OBL goes on 19 minutes of praising Zarqawi along with propaganda rhetoric.....that means nothing.
This is OBL fourth message to whom ever is listening released this year, but don't underestimate his supporters. We have a long list of lefties, liberal sympathizers, etc. his base that he plays up too. You know by now, he is like many of 'Hollywood’s has beens', a ridiculous far lefty politician and/or some anti-war activist that just craves being in the spotlight for their 15 seconds of shame. Who really cares what he has to say?

Most likely, the reason we have not seen a new image of OBL since Oct. 2004 is due to his failing health, wish I had the stats, but for years, he has been on a dialysis machine. Surely, he does not wish for his warriors (killers), followers, and new recruits to see him so weak and frail. If he does not die before our soldiers kills him too, we will not being hearing from him much longer. In the tape, bin Laden's voice sounded breathy and fatigued at times.
"Even if we lost one of our greatest knights and and princes, we are happy that we have found a symbol for our great Islamic nations, one that the mujahedeen will remember and praise in poetry and in stories secretly and aloud," bin Laden said.
A similar video tribute was released a week ago by bin Laden's deputy, Egyptian-born Ayman al-Zawahri, who did appear personally in the video, shown speaking to the camera.
The videos appear to be part of an attempt by al-Qaida's central leadership to tout their connection to al-Zarqawi, who emerged as a hero among Islamic extremists with his dramatic attacks against Shiites and Westerners in Iraq.
Al-Zarqaw swore loyalty to bin Laden but is believed to have had sometimes rocky ties with al-Qaida's core leadership, based in the Afghan-Pakistani border region.
In July 2005, bin Laden's deputy reportedly wrote a letter to al- Zarqawi criticizing his attacks on Iraqi Shiite mosques and civilians, saying they hurt the mujahedeen's image. The al-Qaida deputy also asked al-Zarqawi for money, according to the U.S. military, which said it intercepted the message.
Al-Zarqawi apparently brushed off the criticism as he continued to attack Shiites, a strategy intended to spark a Sunni-Shiite civil war.
Any tension between al-Zarqawi and al-Qaida's command appeared to have faded by early 2006, because al-Zawahri has now issued three videotapes this year in which he effusively praises al-Zarqawi.
A reminder to the ones that may be misinformed, we are WINNING the WAR on TERROR. If only we were not underminded by some of our own i.e. several liberals, MSM, ACLU, just idiot moonbats, and the newspapers that leak information to the terrorists such as the traitors... N.Y. Times and their liberal followers that print sensitive information, we would be stronger and united.

Via Fox News: Bin Laden Wants Zarqawi Body Released

Via AP reports: Bin Laden wants Zarqawi buried in homeland

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