Friday, June 30, 2006

Confession of Couey thrown out by Judge

OUTRAGOUS BREAKING NEWS.... More to come....
Via Fox News
ORLANDO, Fla. — The confession of a man charged with kidnapping, raping and killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford isn't admissible in court, but the discovery of her body can be used as evidence, a judge ruled Friday.

John Evander Couey, a 47-year-old convicted sex offender, gave the confession to detectives, but also told them that he wanted to consult a lawyer. He wasn't given the opportunity to do so.

Jessica Marie Lunsford was found kneeling and clutching a stuffed animal, hands tied with speaker wire and fingers poking through the garbage bags in which she was buried alive in March 2005. Two days earlier, Couey told detectives he kidnapped, raped and killed the 9-year-old girl.

Oh my Lord, this is terrible and my heart and prayers go to the Lunsford family right now that must be totally devastated. One thing that can bring some comfort is that the police have so much evidence against this monster....that he will definitely die and be found guilty along with the death sentence. John Couey, this scum of the earth goes to trial next week.

Previous posted on Assorted Babble News details of Killer John Couey's upcoming Trial.
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