Monday, May 15, 2006

One Big Question on Illegal Immigration

How does an illegal alien prove how long he or she has been in America?

Just imagine if Congress passes a law giving illegals a pass depending on how long they have been here. Don’t you think that all of them would say the maximum time that is required for the benefit of staying in our country? It is like being born at home without a birth certificate to prove your age... almost.

My son and I have been discussing this question along with the overall issue. Unless an illegal was arrested at the border and let loose in society what other proof can they provide for arrival date? What would make you think that they would tell the truth, since they broke the law with sneaking in across the borders to begin with? Then following, breaking more laws with committing crimes including forged documents, etc. etc. The cheating lies continue to outright...... blatantly demanding rights in our country. I don’t understand how Congress can even consider a time table of how long an illegal alien has been in the country for consideration. It is just not fair to all of us..... from American citizens to ones that have entered legally.

I guess you could show how long you have been getting food stamps, used our hospitals, when your last car accident occurred, etc. This list could be endless!! Any ideas? Guess that will give the proof of presence in the States. Maybe the requirement will be if you paid taxes with a W-2 form....Just wondering the answer to this question.

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