Monday, May 15, 2006

News Overload for Our Nation

Does anyone else feel like they are on overload or overwhelmed with everything happening? From local to global breaking news, each story is of great importance but it seems most are frightening and the majority of them are not so positive.

This is a time in history I can’t even imagine what our President must be feeling, we have to remember he is a human being. Watching our First Lady on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, for the first time Mrs. Bush looked like she had not slept and was deeply troubled to me. I know that the show was pre-recorded but she is right there up close and personal to knowledge of the threats and classified info of what is truly going on here and throughout the world. Can you picture trying to get some sleep with the world on your shoulders and knowing each word you speak will be interpreted differently and dissected with criticism?

Many of us know the serious problems our nation faces right now; both domestic and foreign just read headlines, trying to keep up with researching each one opens up to more and more details. If you try to sum up from Iran gathering allies of other Islamic countries and making daily threats to the western world to trying to protect us from terror attacks right here on the homeland that is major all by itself. Take individual issues and look at them overall, you have endless decisions if you are the President on a daily basis if not hourly. We have a War going on against Terror not just in Iraq but right here tracking terrorist inside our borders. Then throw in the mix the flood of criminals crossing our borders by the second. How can one person concentrate on one particular threat without focusing on many from all directions?

I will hold back on other top issues such as a natural disaster in biblical proportions i.e. Katrina (not the president’s fault) to what is happening in Africa. Then look at the U.N. just how useless and corrupt they are, does anyone really believe they will come through for our best interest? Mid-term elections are right around the corner and politicians are playing games with America so many are looking out for themselves. The Senate is who I am sick of. Stopping here on issues, I will say this -- I agree with Laura Bush on the polls and in addition, I believe, with all my heart that America feels more secure with our President in office making decisions than what we would be feeling right now if John Kerry was up there in D.C. That would truly be disastrous.

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