Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ironing Obsolete?

Does anyone other than my family....iron their clothes?? (smiling) I was shocked the other day (4-2-06) at ABFreedom's blog of many of my friends that no longer iron. (smiling) I was the only one or in the tiny minority that does. His post has an article (I can't link his site at the moment due to him turning off links and comments-right now he is away from his blog). A New Machine ! Apparently, the iron has become obsolete though. I mentioned it to my children they said "not around here". (LOL)

In my household we iron almost everyday, we use to drop clothing off at the dry cleaners, but no one likes going on errands here. Of course when we laundry our garments, they are hung up immediately but believe me that iron hits them before anyone exits the door. All the dry cleaners here seem to be outragous in cost too so anyway... it all works out alright. So do you iron or is this foreign to you?? (LOL)

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