Monday, April 03, 2006


For ones that may not know or for the ones that feel as I do, I want it clear that I SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT. If President George W. Bush were allowed to run again for office, I would vote for him as I did in the last two presidential elections. There are many reasons for my loyalty, support and prayers for him. I am proud to have a president that is a believer in God, his higher standard for family values and morals, and his unwavering determination to keep us safe as a country. I truly believe he does not allow polls, surveys and global opinions to persuade him in doing other than what he feels is right. In my heart, I feel our President is on track displaying the differences between right and wrong, good and evil. This is just something you feel inside and regardless if I am now in a minority or not. Even with friends, if you truly are bonded you don’t jump ship or lose loyalty because one may become less popular. With my life long friends, they remain that way in the good and the bad days.

Right now watching ones in Washington jump ship per sa, opens my eyes to see what is more important to them and the answer to that basically are upcoming voters. Stuff like this I don’t like, it is transparent and obvious, and I will not support someone for any office that I feel is a trader when they are self-absorbed and have their own self-interest above all else. It is hurtful to see or read others bashing Bush and it is not welcomed on this blog either.

Not a minute since President Bush has taken office has it been easy. He has had his plate full from 9/11 until present, and I don’t know any other person that could have handled it as well as he has. There may be a couple issues, that I disagree with the President on, but it is not that important and does not change my support for him overall. This will not change either, regardless of what happens between now and election time. His overall performance as Commander in Chief has been honorable and respectful. When GW took the oath of the Presidency, I believe he meant every single word of it.

In my opinion, especially right now in wartime, we should be supporting our President and our troops as well as praying for them and our country. We have terrorists out there wanting to kill us and I am thankful for President Bush and our brave soldiers for keeping us safe. I know I have left some things out, because I could go on and on about my strong feelings for why we need to stand behind our President. I am going to miss our governor of FL too, Jeb Bush when his term ends soon. So if anyone was wondering about where I stand you now know for sure. Oh yeah, I have the opportunity to listen and watch our President’s speeches during the day when they are carried by the media, where I know many do not get to, but I can see the sincerity in his face and heart when he speaks passionately about his beliefs. I am so thankful too, just wish others could listen or be more informed. BTW, I love seeing GW and Laura together too.

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