Friday, March 31, 2006

What is your Hot Topic?

Good Morning,
TGIF huh? I know many must say that when Friday rolls around. (smiling)
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and hoping it will be fun, safe and enjoyable for you.

This week since hearing that one of my favorite morning programs was rated in the top 5 (I believe it was 5) I understand why! Anyhoo Fox & Friends it up there for the most watched morning shows and overall in the top 5 cable programs. It is not surprising to me, because I watch E.D. Hill, Brian Kilmeade, and Steve Doocy all week and then the weekend edition. Not only is it full of current news reporting, but each one of the anchors you feel you know them and their family. You laugh constantly along with being informed, and the discussions on news topics can be hilarious, serious or down right passionate. I usually agree with E.D. Hill on her opinions regarding right and wrong. If you haven’t checked it out you really ought to.

They have this new question for viewers that email in all during the show, “you choose the news”. The topics are three hot issues and whatever one gets the most responses, more discussions are on that subject. I always fall in the majority, so I can’t be too far off on what the American people want to know more about. Immigration and the illegal word seems to top all else lately.

This week I have been busy around the home front, not much blogging or researching. In the mornings, I do skim through the headlines from the Associated Press and read the Drudge Report. There have been several stories I have been wanting to report on, but it seems I can’t make myself lately sit long enough to write about them.

Topics of Concern with Me:

ILLEGAL Immigration – I have no problem with people living here, but I feel they need to be legal and we need to start with sealing our borders. A.S.A.P. not after the elections!!

Iran and Russia- With all the other news going on, the focus I feel is not enough on our most dangerous enemies. Russia, I feel did supply Saddam with information prior to the war in Iraq and my thoughts are Russia is in bed with Iran. Russia, in my opinion, is calling all the shots with their control over the weapons with Iran and China buying them.

Islam Globally- If ones are noticing, Islam is taking over our planet. It seems to me that the world is ‘way too’ sensitive to Islam than Christianity or Judaism. Oh yeah, front page of NY Times today, prayer does not work for healing, same story in our local newspaper the Sun-Sentinel. Who are they trying to convince? It is sad because people that may be lost, may believe this study. WHAT a huge waste of money-2.5 million dollars on this study.

Politics - I am mad at both sides right now, especially Congress. They seem to think they are ABOVE THE LAW, well they make them, perhaps they are? They have a lot of room to talk about where our tax dollars go, since we pay for all their shenanigans. Does anyone know how to search for all the benefits that Congress receives, is there a website that supplies you with this information? Where are you A Jacksonian? (smiling) In reference to my two previous posts on Congress, I would like to research all the fringe benefits of our representatives. In the comment section on one, term limits for President started with Franklin Roosevelt…check out comment for more info.

True Crime- Are the crimes getting more heinous or is it just me thinking that?

Good News:
Jessica’s Law was passed in OHIO!!! And about a dozen states are very close to it.

I could keep adding to this list, but must go this morning….Sorry guys for being busy lately and away from the computer. It is definitely spring and beautiful outside, we are re-arranging furniture, spring cleaning and going through things. What a job when you are a pack rat!! (smiling)

WHAT IS YOUR MAIN TOPIC(s) right now? I truly want to know and your thoughts on it. I hope everyone will join in on the discussion.

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