Monday, January 23, 2006

Assorted News for Monday

The President will speak at 12:30 in regards to the wiretapping issue and set the record straight. This morning on Fox & Friends they spoke with a guy that referred to the 9/11 report about two of the hijackers speaking as they boarded the plane to their leaders overseas by cell phone.

Cell phone records easy access, I wrote about this on Saturday in the post about UBL with a link. A blogger was able to easily throw down around a $100.00 and had “has been” Wesley Clark’s cell phone records and who he called at the Washington Post, etc.

It appears NBC has low ratings or other problems, maybe both. The West Wing was clipped and the creator of “Book of Daniel” is begging viewers to write in to keep the show on the air. He calls ones un-Christian and un-American that protested the show to start with.

The U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer the USS Winston S. Churchill saved the day of a ship hijacked by pirates off the shores of Somalia. Our brave sailors boarded the ship and detained 26 men that they are questioning. The Churchill is part of a multinational task force patrolling the western Indian Ocean and Horn of Africa region to thwart terrorist activity and other lawlessness during the U.S.-led war in Iraq.
Crazy Politico’s Ranting reports on this story today, click here for an interesting post with links

This is just a tidbit of what is happening, breaking news seems to be occurring by the second. May add more to this later.
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