Friday, November 18, 2005

Sex Predators-Follow-up to Comments

Sorry for putting my latest post today... in draft on "Napping" for now!

All opinions are welcome here and everyone knows that. My personal thoughts on this are I am a Christian too and we are supposed to live by the laws of our country. Perhaps an eye for an eye is appropriate!

These criminals know very well what the consquences are before committing these horrific crimes and yes I am in support of the death penalty esp. when all evidence proves they are guilty.

This type of crime against children the recidivism rate has been proven to be astronomically high and our government officials know this and still allow them on the streets. The fault starts w/the offender but there should be some accountability for the ones that are letting them make deals to be released to do this again. I am sick of ones feeling sorry for these bastards, wanting to give them a slap on the wrist and releasing them back into OUR society. Eventually parents of these victims ARE going to result in being a vigilante and yes I’m afraid I would do the same thing if this happened to my child. I believe the RAGE needs to be inflamed then perhaps AMERICA will wake-up to this unthinkable crime against children and do something about it starting with our elected officials and the judges in our country.

“Whatever happens to Joseph Smith, even if he receives death, needs to be done with dignity and respect” (I am not singling you out, but tell me why other than God’s imagine that Mr. Smith deserves this after what he did to Carlie?) In my opinion, he does not deserve any dignity, respect or privileges; ironically, he has more rights than the victim and is treated with too damn much consideration. Jesus can love him and when Mr. Smith meets God our Creator, then he will be judged meanwhile we should get him there for it quicker. As long as you live in this country it is against the law to kidnap, rape and murder a child, and he knew Florida has the death penalty. There needs to be a huge message sent out if you are going to RAPE our children you are going to die or serve life. Hopefully they will fire up Old Sparky for these baby rapers!

You may not know that I’m an advocate on getting these sick bastards off the streets and for STATES to pass tougher laws protecting our children – The Jessica Lunsford Law. Check out my sidebar for links and read about the helpless little children that could not protect themselves against these monsters. They are roaming our streets and it is left up to us citizens to do something about this, otherwise it will remain the same as it has been forever. I am sorry to have to write on the post instead of the comment section but it was much too long to respond to. Hope all opinions are respected.

I could not sleep last night thinking of little Carlie Brucia and what she endured from Mr. Smith. There was no way she had a chance of getting away from him. I watched this trial off and on during the live coverage and the details are chilling…not to mention the overwhelming evidence against Mr. Smith.
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