Monday, December 10, 2007

Miami: Republicans at Univision Spanish Channel Debate

Sunday night at the Univision Spanish channel debate at the University of Miami, Rudy Giuliani got the loudest responses from the crowd, especially when a question was ask involving Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, in reference to dealing with him. Rudy responded with repeating what Spain's King Juan Carlos said. "Why don't you shut up?"

Other than Ron Paul getting extra loud boos, the debate moved right along with basically short answers from the candidates. Of course, the main topic was illegal aliens, that being the first questions to be ask.

Back to Ron Paul getting booed badly, it involved his answer about Cuba and saying he would lift the embargo. During this exchange, the Thompson campaign emailed reporters reminding them of Huckabee and his lenient position on the embargo. Campaign Carl has the more. Via Miami Herald
Huckabee is certain to face questions about the embargo at a Monday morning press conference in Miami, where he is expecting an endorsement from Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio, one of the most prominent Cuban-American Republicans in the state.

Caught off guard, Huckabee's campaign said two hours after the debate that he had since changed his position on the embargo after consulting with Cuban-American leaders. ''He's committed to vetoing any legislation that lifts sanctions on Cuba,'' said Huckabee spokeswoman Alice Stewart.
I feel Rudy will win in Florida.

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