Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stacy Peterson Case Intensifying in Bolingbrook, Ill

With wife number three, Kathleen Savio now determined as a homicide and wife number four, Stacy Peterson missing for over a month, new clues are surfacing at rapid pace but not the key one needed to solve this mystery. We can only hope and pray that she is found soon, chances are slim at this point that she will be alive, but faith and hope should remain steady.

This whole scene plays out almost like a soap opera, with so many characters intermingled within a small community. For ones on the investigative side, it does not take long to track down relatives, colleagues, neighbors and friends, especially since blogs and tip lines are set up to assist.

It really is sad for the children and the families that want to find Stacy and others that want justice for Kathleen. Meanwhile, suspect Drew Peterson is sitting back, doing interviews, and sometimes laughing at ones that question his behavior.

This man has been accused by past women in his life that he is abusive and controlling. There is a deep dark cloud of guilt shadowing the case that seems overwhelming. All the evidence so far points only in one direction, but chances are Drew Peterson will not be arrested until Stacy is found. Many feel he is a danger to society and possibly to his own children, and I must agree. If he murdered one wife and maybe another, did he really think he could get by with it with out being caught?

The Chicago Sun Times is all over this story as well as On the Record with Greta and the Nancy Grace Show.

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