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Hillary Clinton and Top Aid Huma Abedin Lesbian Lovers?

Holy Smokes! Is Hillary Clinton, the Democrat running for President having an affair with her Muslim top aide Huma Abedin? Lesbian Lovers? Is this what the L.A. Times has been sitting on? In April, The New Yorker writes about who Huma is....

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Sun Nov 25 2007 20:45:12 ET

The TIMES of London starts 'The Ugliest Month' with a full page photo takeout on Hillary Clinton and her beautiful personal assistant.

"Hillary Clinton has been accused of having an affair with Huma Abedin," reads the caption.


The splash stunned British readers and angered campaign insiders.

"This does not even qualify as tabloid trash... it's ridiculous and reckless," a Hillary confidante explained over the weekend.

Taking the whisper from the underground to the overground, the paper made no claims to knowing any truth of the relationship between Hillary and Huma, in its story headlined: "Snarls, smears and innuendo as attack dogs get ready for the fray."

The current campaign promises to become one of the dirtiest in modern history.

Recently rumors were floating around stating that the L.A. Times was setting on a story involving a sex scandal involving a presidential candidate......Could this stunning and shocking news be the bomb shell? On October 31,2007 Big Head DC posted this:
A major sex scandal story involving one of the leading presidential candidates is believed to be soon published by the LA Times, Big Head DC has learned. Details are slowly trickling in through people who’ve heard about the story, and with Larry Flynt saying he’s set to reveal a “huge” sex scandal story involving a sitting senator in the coming days, the rumors seem to be gathering traction.

“So I was down in DC this past weekend and happened to run into a well-connected media person, who told me flatly, unequivocally that ‘everyone knows’ the LA Times was sitting on a story, all wrapped up and ready to go about what is a potentially devastating sexual scandal involving a leading presidential candidate,” reports Pajamas Media’s Ron Rosenbaum. “‘Everyone knows’ meaning everyone in the DC mainstream media political reporting world. ‘Sitting on it’ because the paper couldn’t decide the complex ethics of whether and when to run it. The way I heard it they’d had it for a while but don’t know what to do. The person who told me is not an LAT person and knows I write and didn’t say ‘don’t write about this.’”

Several commenters on Rosenbaum’s article strongly believe that Hillary Clinton will ultimately be revealed as a lesbian, and that the recent GQ story her campaign helped kill by threatening to withhold a Bill Clinton interview may have gone into some shocking details into her sex life.Rumors of a close Hillary relationship with one of her top aides Huma Abedin, shown above, have long been swirling. Hillary has long denied being a lesbian.
This should get interesting come tomorrow, the day after the long Thanksgiving holiday. WOW!!

UPDATED: From GQ leaking to Politico, to Radar Online......Hillary tried to stop the leaks....
Photo of Hillary, Aide Huma with Ellen DeGeneres hanging out.....

Updated: From THE TIMES of London

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