Thursday, November 15, 2007

CNN Democratic Presidential Debate Debacle

CNN's big night at hosting the Democratic Presidential debate in Nevada, was by far the worst of all debates, if you can call it that, it was more of a lovefest between CNN and Hillary Clinton. The opening few minutes was the only excitement, actually showing a little bickering but after that, the remaining couple hours were painstakingly boring. All softball questions, and any that may have appeared challenging were first ask of low tier candidates, giving the top three plenty of time to calculate their upcoming answer if ask, way ahead of time. The whole evening seemed to be orchestrated to assist and boost Hillary Clinton, and CNN succeeded.

The Drudge Report this week, gave us a clue that Wolf Blitzer would go easy on Hillary. Not only did Wolf and his cronies do that, but the audience was set up like a forest instead of like a small nursery of plants. When it came time for the majority of Hillary supporters in the audience, to ask a question, it came across as if they had been given the questions in advance, and each one struggled to the memorized questions almost needing a cue card, helper CNN's Suzanne Malveaux twisted one to her own, about abortion. Suzanne had her own agenda.

With the one-sided bias crowd from loud applauds and cheering to boos all geared for positives for Hillary, out spoken Edwards cooled off his fire while Obama blew it on being in favor of illegal aliens having drivers licenses. Obama had a chance to grab the lead or maintain the climb, but now he is dismal, after word spreads of his new openly clarified answer and position. Since no one cared about what Richardson, Biden, and Kucinich had to say, they received the main topics first and allowed them the majority of the time alloted for this waste of time. In my opinion, CNN knew in advance that tonight many people on both sides of the aisle would be tuning in, especially after two weeks of Hillary stumbling on her double talk on illegals and playing the gender card. This set up the perfect scenario, good ratings going in, centering Hillary under the main highlighting spotlight, and assuring Hillary is back up in the lead. Should be an eye opener for smart Americans about lying Democrats and left leaning networks who portray being fair, what a sham.

You would think important questions would be ask of Hillary about today's news.... about the pardons, that her husband gave out when he was leaving office as president to criminals, that have made recent donations to her campaign. Why not ask her about Norman Hsu, the dishwashers in China town and hundreds of thousands of dollars that are very questionable. There is no excuse for omitting current news from the debate on controversial issues.

Since the last Dems debate and the hot issue was surrounding Governor Spitzer's plan of giving illegal aliens drivers licenses in N.Y. It would have been perfect to ask Hillary about her voting record in the Congress on the DREAM ACT, another sneaky amnesty bill, where she voted for it. Why not discuss and quiz all the Liberal Senators about their votes on Capital Hill.

These Liberal Networks never ask about Barack Hussein Obama's association with his Muslim childhood, or his missing records as a Senator of Illinois. Obama and Clinton have been successful in staying away from tough venues, and stumbles if ask a direct question about a touchy subject.

No Gotcha moments!! No Russert either. All the Flip Floppers had a Flop of a debate.

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