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Massive Manhunt Underway in Broward Co. Florida

Here in Ft. Lauderdale and surrounding areas in Broward County, Florida

A Broward County Sheriff was shot this morning while transporting a prisoner, Michael Mazza, to court. Reports are that the suspect was in a wheelchair in the police van when he wrapped a chain first around the neck of the officer before shooting him multiple times. The officer was thrown on the pavement outside a strip club in Pompano Beach. Latest reports are the officer is in critical condition at the hospital. (N. Broward Medical Center)

Almost two hours later, the abandoned van was found outside the parking lot of Flanigan's restaurant off Davie Blvd. Schools are on lockdown, last I heard there were nineteen. After one of the police news conferences, there is speculation that this suspect may have faked his injuries and this may have been pre-planned.

With listening to my scanner, news is breaking first there before all of our local news channels that are covering this live. Homeland Security helicopters are circling with police and news helicopters above all the active scenes.

Now a car, that is thought to belong to Mazza's mother, a white Nissan Altima, tag # W84KZY is spotted and surrounded by police. This suspect has nothing to lose, facing two life sentences and with a long rap sheet, he should be concerned armed and dangerous. In 1994, in his past, he went on a 3-day crime spree including robbery and kidnapping.

*Updated* - Right now, it seems the suspect, Michael Mazza had help with eluding police. The law enforcement is in full force with all agencies involved. Mazza's family members are being questioned.

*Updated* 11:34 According to my police scanner, a perimeter is set up around a neighborhood on 13th Court off Davie Rd where the police believes Mazza may be. The Swat teams are suited up with bullet proof vests and helmets. Also at this time on news networks, a live news presser with Al Lamberti, Broward County Sheriff.

*Updated* Devastating news, the deputy shot, 76 yr. old, 20 year veteran, Officer Paul Rein is now pronounced dead. All prayers are with the family and the police force.
All schools are on lockdown. Full coverage on CBS4, Local 10, Fox WSVN, and live coverage streaming. Wanted Poster is posted on news websites.
At Mazza's last known address in Coral Springs, police has sealed it off and his wife and child is with police.

It is always a concern of mine when both my grown children are traveling throughout the county. My daughter is presently at college, downtown Ft. Lauderdale and my son is traveling on the expressway. Both have been calling me for updates, my son said earlier, he had never seen so many police officers speeding pass him and I could hear the multiple sirens in the background. My daughter from the high rise parking garage could see the sky full of helicopters swirling around multiple scenes.

*Update* So sad, Deputy Paul Rein had just talked with his wife, ten minutes before being shot.
Crimestoppers has offered a reward, at this time it is $25,000. The scanner is buzzing, hopefully I will have another update soon. Right now the focus is at Lauderdale-by-the-sea. The suspect was first reported wearing a suit, now officers are claiming he may have changed to shorts on the scanner and they are checking houses.

*Update* They may be closing in...just north of 16th Street-33 Ave...
Suspect is in custody, by Hollywood P.D. on Hollywood Blvd.

Captured: Michael Mazza, cop killer is in custody in the back of police car. Outside Uptown Pawn shop in Hollywood, FL near 441, 6020 Hollywood Blvd. Scanner is reporting, police agencies are leaving their posts.
12:55 p.m. Lockdown lifted on Broward County schools.
Update: A guy driving a white vintage car says he picked up Michael Mazza, hitch-hiking and went into the pawn shop to report who he had in his car, that was parked in front of Uptown Pawn Shop and Jewelry. He could be an accomplice, police are questioning the guy now and the caller that phoned in the tip.

Update-CNN linked Assorted Babble under Blogs. More on this at Miami Herald.

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