Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gordon Bloyer's Call to Rush Limbaugh, YouTuber at the CNN Debate

Yesterday when I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, Gordon Bloyer called in at the end of his three hour show, being the last caller of the day. Mr. Bloyer said he was flown to Florida by CNN to possibly participate with his pre-taped question for the Republican Presidential candidates. He reveals Anderson Cooper knew Ret. General Keith Kerr prior to the start of the debate and what went on behind the scenes.

The transcript to Rush Limbaugh show. A little excerpt here

CALLER: And put 'em up on YouTube. YouTube was going to have... They brought down six of us, and there was two Obama people, there was a Kucinich guy, which I thought was kind of strange to have those people there.

RUSH: A Kucinich guy at the Republican debate?

CALLER: Yes, right, and he's a prominent Democrat. He works for Kucinich. He actually works for Kucinich doing videos for Kucinich. He brought his camera that Kucinich gave him to do the videos.

RUSH: (laughter) It's not funny, but I can't help laughing about it.

CALLER: Right. Well, wait 'til you hear this. So we all get there, and I meet General Kerr, and as they're taking us on a tour, Anderson Cooper comes out to give us all that talk and he sees --RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Gave you a tour of what, the studio?

CALLER: Yeah, the truck outside the event, you know, where they --RUSH: Oh, yeah.CALLER: -- do all the goodies.RUSH: Propagandizing?

CALLER: Right. And so here we all come up there, and Anderson Cooper comes out, and he immediately recognizes the general. He says, "Oh, General Kerr. I'm glad you're here." He didn't recognize any of the rest of us, but he recognized him real easy.RUSH: He did, eh?CALLER: Absolutely.RUSH: Cooper recognized Kerr?CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Well, he's been on CNN. We found it. He was on CNN back in 2003, and I think it might have been Anderson Cooper's show.

CALLER: I'm not sure of that, but, yeah, I saw that on the FreeRepublic.com and they had the complete transcript. But then they took us into the little bus, and as I'm going up into the bus -- and I have this on video, and you can see it on YouTube. I had this on video. I'm going into the bus, and you can hear the people on the bus saying, "Oh, welcome, General." They immediately recognized the general.

RUSH: Who was on the bus? All of you that were flown in?CALLER: Some of us that were taken up there, and all the people who worked for CNN who are doing behind the scenes stuff in the little office. It's their headquarters, like the NFL has their headquarters outside the stadium.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.CALLER: They gave us a little speech. I got part of that, you can see that on YouTube.RUSH: Hey, General, good to see you again -- and they claim they didn't know anything about the guy!

So we hear it again, now from someone there at the debate, who was flown in by CNN, that says CNN knew General Kerr including Anderson Cooper, that acted stunned at the post debate discussion after the show, when it was brought to Cooper's attention of Gen. Kerr's affiliation with the Clinton campaign. Another interesting question here, did General Kerr prepare his own question in advance and submit it as some others did or did he video tape his question in Florida? So many questions about CNN and their backroom, behind the scenes and planned out schemes....will we ever know a fraction of it.

Gordon Bloyer's videos from the CNN YouTube Debate.

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