Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NYT Bashes 9/11 Miniseries More Reasons to Watch

How Ironic or shall I say predictable? The New York Times headline is 9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and Biased. Reportedly, Liberals are up in arms and screaming about the ABC new Miniseries named "The Path of 9/11" and how it will expose the Clinton Administration and their role having Osama Bin Ladin on a silver platter. That is not all folks, it reveals how National Security Adviser Sandy Berger hangs up on a CIA agent, that was a stone throw away from capturing or killing UBL in Afghanistan.

Mark your calendar, note a reminder in Microsoft Outlook Calendar, place a post note on your frig, whatever....Do not miss this Miniseries!! The Chatterbox Chronicles has an excellent post on coverage of this with links, excerpts, opinions, comments, pictures, etc. It is alittle shocking that ABC is airing this, but they can count on me being a viewer on September 10th and 11th and promoting this MUST SEE program. (H/T pic: LMC)

I hear that Bill Clinton is spitting mad along with all the other lefties that do not want these facts to be shown. Be sure to also check out Big Dog's post Clinton Does Not Like The Inconvenient Truth an excerpt from his post: Former President Bill Clinton is very upset with ABC because of a show they are planning to air next week. The mini-series, The Path To 9/11, is a story that shows all the events that led up to the attacks of 9/11. Of course, the eight years of Bill Clinton and his den of thieves is a central part of the movie.

P.S. Let us NOT FORGET National Security Adviser Sandy Berger stuffing highly classified terrorism docs down his pants and/or clothes at the National Archives.
Read this to refresh your memory from July 2004: WASHINGTON — Former President Clinton's national security adviser is under criminal investigation for taking highly classified terrorism documents that should have been turned over to the independent commission probing the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, FOX News has confirmed.

Humm...It sure makes you wonder what we will NEVER KNOW!!

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