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Convert to lying Islam Not going to Happen

These Islamic Fascist can spew out all their threats and video tapes they want, but this girl is not planning or will ever convert to their sicko perversion they call Islam. This latest tape was made due to desperation and to play up to Libs.

In my previous post, it sparked quite a discussion after I stated "I have been saying as you probably know....these Islamic crazies are surrounding and out numbering in this country and the majority of the world. We need to start busting up these mosques where they do all their planning...and recruiting. I could go off on a huge rant on this *bs*."

BBC: Al-Qaeda has urged non-Muslims - especially in the US - to convert to Islam, according to a new videotape.
The call is made by a man identified on the film as "Azzam the American", a convert also known as Adam Gadahn who is wanted for questioning by the FBI.
He says ignorance of Islam leads Westerners to accept wars waged by their governments and Israel against Muslim countries.

I have a News Flash...It does not matter if ones freak-out and convert, if you are a Westerner and/or Jewish, they desire, live and breathe daily, morning, noon, and night, to kill us; brainwashed from birth. This is only a propaganda ritual to first ask (strike) demand you convert, so they can move forward with their plans; not that.. that stopped them before. Don't be mistaken either, this is a tactic they use to speak with the liberals, in order for them to stir up rhetoric, divide our nation, and want to play nice to terrorists. They [terrorists] have been somewhat successful in promoting fear in ones that want to cut, run and hide from the Middle East. Don't you think that is what terrorists want? Democrat Talking Points!! If we leave Iraq, as I have said for over a year, that I have been blogging....we will be fighting them in our front and back yards. Period!!! It may be time to start gun shopping for more weapons and amnition especially if things change after the elections.

We did not start this WAR ON TERROR....for the pea brains out there that think otherwise, do your research. We have been attacked many times prior to 9/11, but no one had balls to do anything about it until President Bush and our brave and courageous military soldiers took action.

For anyone that keeps up with global and now national news, knows this... Iran has been in the process of building a nuclear bomb for 20 years and is now very outspoken on doing as he [Ahmadinejad] desires. Does that not give you a clue? If you believe some of these idiots that say that Iran is years away from the bomb, get your head out of the is a downright lie. Islamic Fascist/terrorists are patient and plan very carefully...if they are Shia or Sunni-Al-Qaeda Muslims or whatever radical side they are on, if they have or will soon obtain nuclear weapons does not mean immediately they will use them, the second they have them in their hands. Now, it seems they are competing for which group will pull off the most spectacular disaster for the most killed in the U.S. and Israel. Their true and ultimate goal is the rush to occupy Jerusalem.

If we allow Liberals to take over, expect the Islamic radicals to occupy us. Bottom Line!! Get out and vote for Republicans that truly understand the extreme importance of securing our country.

Someone that knows inside information, because I have not heard... not even a peep, except Bush bashing, on WHAT IDEAS or Constructive Plans the Democrats have for Protecting Us, please oblige. Every time I hear a Democrat Politician or Strategists...all I hear is bullcrap of negative opinions about the past and unwarranted blame on ones that have been working hard on fighting the War on Terror. If you think for a split second we can negotiate with maniacs...get real. It is not really funny, but Patty and I discussed what Kofi most likely talked about with Iranian Pres Ahmadinejad. How much? Expensive pocket lining of the U.N. not to do as they do best NOTHING.

Don't you think it is time for profiling, investigating mosques, listening in on chatter and internet transmissions between known terrorists and ones connected to them...etc. etc. etc. Whatever it takes???....perhaps it may be a good idea to take a few lessons from the Brits.

I am going to submit this post to Real Clear Politics, hopefully someone out there that does not understand that this propaganda from Al-Qaeda, Islamic nuts, and what the Liberals can't do for us will sink in on someone that is undecided and not believe this bullsh*t about embracing Islam. If you wish, please Vote at Real Clear Politics here. P.S. This post just made Real Clear Politics home page, not sure how long.... but it is there now and the previous link listed.

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