Friday, September 08, 2006

Blogging Importance from Day to Day

Oh wow, you can miss two different days of blogging or reporting top events and it can place you way behind on getting the word out on a ship load of breaking and very important news, that many will not hear or know about on the Mainstream Media. There are millions out there that are seeking more information, so many that are uniformed, undecided and confused. That should assure all bloggers how important it is to keep your keyboards pounding to stay on top of this and know the importance of what we do. In addition, we have elections coming up...and the truth has to be published on who will be best at keeping our nation safe. The facts about Islamic extremists and their missions are much to frightening for the MSM to focus on indepth, so who is left to expose this true and present danger?

Unfortunately, we are living in perilous times, almost daily, you have to be informed on what is happening in our nation, and globally. We never know what the next Breaking News Alert will be......All I can say is stay informed and get the facts....take it a step forward and do your research. Stay Abreast!! and Please WAKE-UP America....

Now, I am off to where to pick up from and to hopefully get current. (smiling)

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