Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Terrorists Release Video of the Mutilated Bodies of our Heros

If this does not convince idiots here at home, how dangerous and evil these terrorists are nothing will. Apparently this gruesome tape is so horrifying that anyone with an ounce of feeling can not watch it without being totally disturbed and probably will affect them from now on. How can people be this evil and commit such satanic and barbaric acts, and then in addition video it?

My heart breaks at the thought of what our brave soldiers endured, much less the actual evil imposed on them by the devils out of hell. Lord Knows, I pray for their families, friends and our soldiers that are putting their life on the line every day to protect us from these satanic, no conscience, determined Islamic murderers that have no respect for human life. Don't think for second, that they will not come to our soil to do the same to us if they have half the chance.

Via Reuters: Qaeda-led group shows video of "US corpses" in Iraq
DUBAI (Reuters) - A group led by al Qaeda in Iraq released gruesome footage of two corpses it said were of U.S. soldiers killed in June, and dedicated the video to an Iraqi girl raped and shot dead by U.S. forces. [your option to read more]

More from Reuters: Excerpt...
The U.S. military released a statement in Baghdad saying: "(It) condemns the release of the video in the strongest of terms; it demonstrates the barbaric and brutal nature of the terrorists and their complete disregard for human life."

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