Monday, March 13, 2006

This Week My Children Share Same Age

Both my children this week is 25 years old for seven days. That really makes me feel old. Yes, that means I was pregnant for 2 years straight and had two babies 11 months and 3 weeks apart, so they are the same age for exactly 7 days. That will get you in tip top shape chasing one that is starting to walk and the other that demanded attention every waking second. I am extremely proud of both of them. So as a parent would do is brag a little. (smiling)

My daughter works and goes to college part-time and is now getting modeling jobs regularly. She is Christian, loving and considers her Mom-Me her best friend. I do not know what I would do without her. No matter how busy she is, I am always her top priority, the list would be endless if I stated all that she does for me. She is also a licensed Massage Therapist, which is wonderful especially when I get my weekly rub down. HooWoo!! She has been learning photography from a great teacher, her Jewish boyfriend that photographs models here in South Florida i.e. fashion shows, concerts, etc.. His website is Obscure Reality .
Last week, she was selected from several models for a 3-day project for modeling their product and the company is considering her for their 2007 calendar. Her beauty inside is a million times gorgeous as what you see on the physical side.

My son has been climbing the corporate ladder faster than I can type. He is a Christian, very handsome, tall, and single and loves surfing, adventures, and travel. He was 24 before his birthday this past week and the reason I mention this is because of his huge promotion several months ago. He has been landscaping since being a teenager and has worked very hard and earn to get where he is now. The large company that he is employed by is in 25 states, and with his last promotion he is second in charge of the whole county of Broward; making very close to a six figure annual income with every benefit offered to man or woman. The Christian landscaping company believes in taking good care of their employees. I encouraged him to get a degree and continue with college but instead this is what he truly wanted to do. So at 24 years old, he is truly being blessed for his focus, faith and devotion. Even though his time is limited, he does many things for his mother and I can’t thank him enough. It is a little strange for me these days, watching him leave for work daily being dressed up and looking like he walked off the cover of GQ. (smiling)

Well, being a Single Mom I could not pass on this opportunity to let you guys know how proud I am of my two children as I call them even though they are grown now. Their schedules are getting more and more time consuming from work related to fun activities and I miss them but thrilled that they have great friends and so much to look forward to in life. Oh yeah, they both are conservatives and vote as well as knowing the issues that are morally right! (smiling) I must add a few important notes, they are loving, respectful, caring, giving, would help anyone in need, and love their Mom.

Wishing them both a Happy Birthday with love from the bottom of my heart. Praying all their dreams and wishes to come true!!

All of you know I could keep on writing about my babies as each of us could about our own, but I will stop here.

(This photo is a few years old of my son and Bella!! Bella is 25 lbs heavier now!!)

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