Friday, March 10, 2006

Congressional Blackmail?? i.e. Port Deal

Coming shortly- Updated Friday 3/10/06

Dirty Dealing: Adding hurting our troops and hurricane victims of the Gulf Coast with funding.
Late Posting here: (due to the distractions mentioned in the roofing post)

Floating first here in the Miami area with a lawsuit, shortly thereafter this small raft became a ship load of paranoid politicians worrying about what side of the boat they should fish off of while the MSM fed plenty of bias bait to all little fishes - the American people. Apparently, the raw meat is pretty tasty for politicians on both sides and are desiring smooth sailing in the upcoming elections. To me this is as transparent as you can get as far as what their true motives are. If they were truly concerned, why not do something about the security of the containers entering our ports everyday. What is it 5 – 10% of containers are searched or reviewed? Having a prior import business, I know all too well about U.S. Customs and their method of holding a shipment, it kept my ship from coming in right after 9/11. Anyway, later my shipment was released and all was fine, but during the months it was held up, it hurt my business. Reason: Checking authenticity for trademarks – Versace, Gucci, Prada, etc. Italian high-end brand name clothing. Cleared after sitting for months for customs to look at it and verify! (key sentence here SITTING) Imagine if it was a bomb sitting for a few months in a warehouse, until they could LOOKED at IT) verify. It was from Italy, my goodness not Saudi Arabia.

Showdown Congress vs. the President
Now after a quick decision blackmail from the House Appropriations Committee (62-2) by the panel attaching language to the port deal bill for hurting our troops and suffering hurricane victims on the Gulf Coast by intentions (or raising the stakes) of withholding and delaying funds. Real Nice Congress/Snakes!! Only Reps. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., and Jim Moran, D-Va., voted against the measure. (the above typed in between the wind/win change of directions)
Before all this could be a huge splash throughout the MSM, the UAE backed away with the wind blown out of their sails and bowed out of the deal. All of this happened very quickly, if not paying attention all things changed in less than 24 hours. Now how is Congress going to pat their own backs for their little quick maneuver?

Okay now what?
What about the Chinese?? Communist China? They are standing with Russia backing Iran!! Humm
What is Congress going to do about the other REAL PROBLEMS concerning cargo coming into ALL OUR PORTS. I guess things will stay the same with our Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and security services guarding our precious ports throughout the country.
I have quite a bit to say in reference to the UAE and what the Middle East is reporting about America and how we may have just hurt one of our biggest allies in this serious War of Terror. Regardless of what their past revealed, they are helping us in huge ways with their docks, re-fueling our ships, and supporting us against terrorists, etc. Will be continued.

Update: Check out - click here Revka’s Take on OUTSOURCE CONGRESS excellent Post!!
Out-Sourcing Congress sounds like a Heck of a Good Idea!!!!!

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