Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Eyes Shut and Ears Plugged

Is this you?? Man or Woman???
I feel some people are just like this in regards to important issues and daily routines!!!
Turn off the TV...Pretend your Freedoms are a Slam Dunk...Make an Apple Pie....Grab your Prada and credit cards....go buy yourself something....Leave it up to Congress to solve all problems. They vote on laws... Who knew they do that in favor for helping them with re-election the next go around but that is no concern. No worries, we live in a Free Country, why should we care or listen?
We have a home, food, and a vehicle or two, who the hell cares what is happening in the world. Electricity and Fuel will never be jeopardized, my children will be safe forever, nothing can happen to my family because I never would make a mistake. (even when I am loading groceries in my car or walking in the parking lot at the mall) Life is perfect, great economy, predictable income rolling in, my neighborhood is safe, my friends and family are all trustworthy...Locks and security systems are installed...why the hell are we talking about this?
What is a Blog? Tee Time is at 7:30 on the course, meet you at the tennis courts later, where are we having lunch today? Oh yeah, The carpet cleaner guy will be here this week, the cable guy came in and repaired the signal, my friend recommended that handy man to do the wiring on my addition, the pool and pest control guy comes by often....I just let them come and go, don't have time to worry about it, they know our schedule. Darn it, the telephone/DSL and Tech Support will be by and I am alone in the house cuz everyone is busy now I have to stay here and wait to let him in. He looks like a decent guy, just by looking at him actually he reminds me of the Animal Control Guy that rides by everyday named Dennis. (Forgot his nickname oh yeah- BTK)
Wow, I have a busy day ahead....guess I will put my code in the alarm system and WALK OUTSIDE to My CAR. Can't worry about this kind of stuff I live in small town with little crime and nothing will happen to me or someone I know. I will leave whatever is bothering anyone to them to worry about, my voted officials to do whatever they do here and up there, and whatever someone tells me or I hear a clip of or read as the bible in my newspaper as now I know what I need to know as a fact. Humm what did they mean by MSM, did I hear it meant Media Seems Mad. They probably are!
Did someone say Iran or Terror Attacks may hit a large city? Little confused here, do we have Taliban at Yale or a terrorist in that small town in NC? Did someone say there is a trial going on in NJ to impeach Bush on war crimes, oh yeah it is mock!! Duh? another high school.... that is right. Humm! I overheard somewhere in CO a high school teacher is saying Bush is Hitler. Wow, what children are learning these days, but mine knows better. Now that really is outrageous, other children must not know how horrific the holocaust was. I saw one of those controversial Mohammed cartoons but don't tell anybody we may offend someone, it seems it did not bother anyone about the cartoon about Jesus having oral sex.
Wish I knew what the big fuss was about on Iran, they are so far away. If only Kerry would have been elected we would be getting along with France and all this War on Terror would not be an issue, well they say "So Called" humm!! Is it an issue or a fact? All I hear on ABC and CBS is all bad stuff, just 30 minutes a day is all I can handle of that stuff I don't want to hear about. I have a few Academy Nomination Movies to watch, so glad the Tivo is working now need to see that show that is a remake of "Book of Daniel" - "Sons and Daughters" on ABC from last night. You know.... I don't think anyone noticed that is what they did.
Wish they would stop talking about that Katrina thing, my husband made me donate, next he will want me to tithe from bank draft. I have a friend that does that, she says she is blessed what does that mean she is a Christian. Next she will tell me she is a Republican, how am I going to explain this to my friends at Code Pink. I support them because I like the color. By the way, what is up with people trying to Stop The ACLU , isn't this organization one that protects civil rights for children or prisoners and their lawyers are paid by the government??? All this is so confusing, I am just going to take a couple of valiums and put this mess out of my head.
Well, I have more important things to be doing shopping, spending money, having my SUV serviced, dropping the girls off at the theater, planning a dinner party....Where does the time go? I need to get to the gym and then drop by the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club later today. Will have to continue this later.
P.S. How dare someone ask me to take a minute and write my U.S. Representatives or Senators via email, I have too many invitations to get out along with thank you cards.....Gosh how dare people, don't they know how busy I am....just read above if you don't believe me. They must be freakin crazy!! What difference would it make any way?
Questions: Does anyone know people like this? Can you be creative with a comment with humor or reason? What is your version of these people? Is there any truth to the above that you know of? I know people like this sadly to say....not sure if it is funny or if I should feel sorry for them.

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