Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Carlie Brucia's Killer Sentenced to Death for 11-Year-Old's Murder
Tomorrow would be Carlie's B'day!
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International Online Child Pornography Ring Busted
-The youngest child seen in pictures or video was less than 18 months old
-who prosecutors say molested an infant and transmitted it live to a viewer in the Canadian city of Edmonton.
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I could never be a journalist because I could not report without crying. For an hour and half listening live to the Florida Judge sentence Joseph Smith and describe what poor little Carlie went through from the moment she was abducted to her last breath, I can not stop weeping. At least in Florida he will be swiftly executed in about 2 yrs where California is 24 to 25 years. Florida has tough laws and will not tolerate sex predators, thank GOD!!! Don’t you wish your state started taking action against these monsters and passing laws to keep your children safe?
I am not sure if I can visit the rest of the day.

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